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Setting up laptop for a relative

  john bunyan 07:10 12 Jul 2019

A 24 year old granddaughter, clever and good at actually using a PC is also poor at setting up a PC . She travels a lot and has asked me to help buy and set up a PC whilst she is away from UK. I don’t want her MS Outlook passwords etc. Can I use my own credentials as administrator of the PC to install MBAM etc, updates and so on, then when she’s back put her on as administrator? I would not put any data on but want to help with setting up filing

  x13 07:54 12 Jul 2019

Done similar with my daughter. Gave her my best laptop as she uses it heavily with school work. I'm the original Admin but set up an admin account for her. She chose her Microsoft account and password so 'private' to a point. The only reason I keep my profile on it is to update Windows etc., whenever required as she seems uninterested in this :(

Just one thing to be aware of, if you don't remove your admin profile, then in file explorer under users you can select a folder in your daughters profile and open it. It will be preceded by this warning,

You only need to click on continue and the folder opens. There must be a way of blocking the sharing of folders but haven't chased it up as not needed.

  Taff™ 09:11 12 Jul 2019

The answer is quite simple. Set the laptop up without linking it to a Microsoft account. Then when she comes to collect it you set up another account for her which she can link to one if she wishes - personally I don't see the point!

  Govan1x 09:15 12 Jul 2019

Sounds a bit complicated to me.

Why not use your grand daughter as administrator which she will be, Give it a password . Set it up like you want or she wants then when she is ready to use it let her change the password.

You can still use her details to install Mbam and all updates etc.

That seems to be the easiest way of doing it.

That's the way I would do it but everyone has different ways of doing things. I always go for the easy method.

  Taff™ 09:32 12 Jul 2019

Not sure what you mean Govanix. Not much difference to my method. A new Laptop first time user is always an administrator so you set it up first and then just add another Administrator Account in his daughters name so she can personalise.

Then the original account can be deleted or kept as they wish.

  wee eddie 10:28 12 Jul 2019

Taff: It does not know that you're you. Just tell it that you're her!

  john bunyan 11:23 12 Jul 2019

Thanks. I think x13 is the way.His daughter sounds like my granddaughter! I don’t have her, or her MS or Outlook password nor want them. She won’t be here when the PC comes, so Govan1x solution is not practical. Will try Taff or x13 suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:25 12 Jul 2019

If you install and register Av etc. in her name then return emails will go to her email address which you will have no access to.

  john bunyan 11:43 12 Jul 2019


Exactly. I will only install MBAM Premium ( in my name as I pay for it). I will leave MS Office until her return , but update windows and also install Macrium Reflect, and run a back up .

  Taff™ 11:52 12 Jul 2019

Guys! You can register free versions of AVG or Avast without registration for 30 day trials. I set up several computers a month doing it the way I suggested and usually keep my Administrator account "Live" in case of future use.

My main tip is don't register it using a Microsoft account. Register it as an old fashioned Local Account!

  john bunyan 13:16 12 Jul 2019


Thanks; that’s what I needed to remember, a local account. When I get it I will follow up. Shan’t be browsing much so will use Defender and MBAM Premium for now

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