Setting up a keyboardless/screenless network PC

  AdeJ 20:14 02 Feb 2004

I want to set up a PC in the loft as file storage and also as a server for the ADSL connection and a few other things etc. It will be running XP Home along with the other PCs but obviously I dont want a keyboard and screen up there.

So before I wade in I thought I'd ask if it is as simple as just setting it up, disabling the errors etc in bios so that it will boot without a keyboard, and using something like VNC to remote manage the thing from elsewhere on the network?

Many thanks in advance...

  Chris the Ancient 20:22 02 Feb 2004

I'm not sure why having a keyboard and mouse is a problem.

Every server environment I have come across has a keyboad and monitor attached so that any server maintenance and functions can be monitired and/or adjusted. They don't have to be swish items - just working! Rummage around in the 2nd user shops if need be. You can leave the monitor switched off when it's not in use.

So, do you have a real reason for wanting to leave these items out?


  Gaz 25 20:22 02 Feb 2004

You could use the remote shutdown command from command prompt, you could even set-it-up as a shortcut to shutdown the screenless computer.

Thre should be Stop on Error in the bios, ensure rather than Halt on all errors, this is serious errors only.


  AdeJ 20:30 02 Feb 2004

This is a loft - not a conversion - it will be difficult enough getting just a box up there (reason for the sighting is cables and security from burglary), I certainly wouldnt be able to work on it up there even if I did have space for a screen and keyboard. So given the network it makes sense to control it from elsewhere or am I missing something?

  Chris the Ancient 20:56 02 Feb 2004

OK. I see your logic. I'm lucky that I can have my server, in a reasonably secure and accessible place.

But, will dust be a problem - and how clean is it?

Seriously, you could go along the lines suggested by Gaz 25. Not a method I've seen or investigated, but worth a look. Power on/off control should be interesting!


  AdeJ 21:23 02 Feb 2004

Touch wood dust shouldnt be a problem - but temperature extremes might - somthing I'll have to keep an eye on. And it will be on 24/7 so powering it up and down wont be an issue. Thanks for the advice both..

  AdeJ 18:25 03 Feb 2004

Any other tips / suggestions before I close this?

  Chris the Ancient 18:34 03 Feb 2004

Only one real one!

Try it all out BEFORE you shove it in the loft!



  AdeJ 18:39 03 Feb 2004

Yeah that one goes without saying - I've built enough PCs now not to make THAT mistake!! Ditto surge protection..

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