Setting up an Internt Cafe

  mikegm7 18:42 05 Aug 2004

This may not be the typical help question, but I am contemplating on setting up my own cyber cafe abroad. I am a fairly experienced user of PC's but does anybody know the title of a book (or the whereabouts of such information outlining how a Cafe would/should be fitted out.

  Graham ® 19:23 05 Aug 2004

This should start you off click here

  Chris the Ancient 19:27 05 Aug 2004

I went through these thoughts a couple of years ago as well - but we didn't move.

Not a lot of help - and a bit of a cop out - but, back then, I did a Google search on set up internet café and got a lot of very good leads.

The other trick I did, and got away with, was went to an internet café just up the road from me and chatted to the guy who ran it. Once he realised that I wasn't going to be competition, he seemed to be glad to point me in various directions and offer ideas.

Trouble is, because I never followed it through, I can't remember any of it. But I thought my past experience might give you a couple of ideas


  mikegm7 19:45 05 Aug 2004

Thanks for the address.....most helpful

  wee eddie 21:28 05 Aug 2004

Also - from what are you going to earn your income.

Research your market thoroughly and don't forget that if it's not glued, screwed and nailed down, it will walk.

You don't steal, neither do I, but punters do. So forget cutting edge equipment!!

  mikegm7 09:01 06 Aug 2004

Thanks Chris for your experience. Wee Eddie,looking at other 'cafes' I hope to increase my turnover with drinks,snacks etc maybe with a bit of 'teaching' !!

  mikegm7 09:17 06 Aug 2004

How do other Internet Cafe's make their money?

  byfordr 09:25 06 Aug 2004

As above research the market carefully. Are most of your punters going to be surfing and word processing. Or is there a market for games across the lan? The specs or the pcs will need to be adjusted accordingly. Premium services could include drinks and snacks, sandwiches. Also is there is a high foreign presence in the area long distance call facilities. Faxes, word processing services (cvs etc) can all bump up profits.


  Mike D 11:28 06 Aug 2004

It's been said but it's worth repeating - research your market thoroughly. You must be the expert on the services that you are offering, the services that others offer, why customers go where they go, and why they would come to you. Can you name 10 potential customers?

I don't know your background, but having had a longish previous career in business advising, I would suggest at the very least that you speak to any local enterpise agencies, Business Link (they have a good web site), maybe Chamber of Commerce and most definately a bank. All of the major banks do very good start up guides, offer free banking deals for new businesses, and are often a good source of insurance information(as a starter you need to think in terms of buildings insurance, Public Liability, loss of earnings - what happens if your ISP or telephone lines go down?). The banks may also be able to offer leasing arrangements for the equipment , but this will depend upon your circumstances and may not be available to new starters.

I'm sorry that this is a bit long winded, but you MUST be totally in the picture and prepared before you leap.


  mikegm7 13:18 06 Aug 2004

Mike, thanks for all your advice. Have taken note.

  wee eddie 16:12 06 Aug 2004

I know that this sounds boring but along with research into the market.

You must also create a selection of Targets, then run this fictitious person through your product, trying to identify his wants and desires. What he will pay for and what will be expected "Gratis", then see if your product can fulfil his desires.

25 years ago, when I started this Restaurant (I am closing it this year) 3 Target groups were identified by my market research. Unfortunately the primary group was a mismatch but the other 2 groups have kept me going the while.

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