Setting up Internet with Homeplug Adapters

  Callum-1623688 18:42 20 Oct 2010

Alright so I've been using a Wirless network and have been pretty unhappy with the speeds I've been getting so I went and bought a pair of 85MBPS Powerline HomePlug Ethernet Adapters to have a decent connection. The problem is that once I got the devices connected to the router, the mains and each other. They don't work. Oh I've connected the devices together just fine. They're plugged in and the Network has been set up. The only issue is that no Internet Connection is being transferred and I have no idea how to make this happen.

  Callum-1623688 20:54 20 Oct 2010

Also I need to know if it is at all possible to use a Home Plug with an Xbox 360.

  dms_05 08:43 21 Oct 2010

I had problems setting up Homeplugs to work with X-Box 360. It worked fine with a cable connection but wouldn't work over Homeplugs. It seems to be a common problem click here

  Tim1964 23:58 27 Oct 2010

Could be a faulty homeplug device. I use 3 home plugs to connect an XBox, media streamer and PC together and they were literally plug and play.

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