Setting up the internet

  dark_touch 12:20 08 Feb 2006

hi this is my first post, i am doing a school project on
the system requirements for a home worker wishing to set up Internet and WWW access, including:
• hardware;
• software;
• communications requirements.

what would these include? i think i have most of the requirements but i may be missing some...
thx :)

  Graham ® 12:38 08 Feb 2006

1) A computer

2) A USB ADSL modem

3) A broadband enabled telephone line.

  stalion 12:43 08 Feb 2006

hello and welcome to the forum.There is a lot of information here also you need to make sure that a decent firewall and anti-virus is installed before going on to the internet.If you need further help post further click here

  Smiler 12:44 08 Feb 2006

Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Firewall and AntiVirus software.
Spyware such as Adaware and Spybot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:04 08 Feb 2006

home worker may also require software to set up a VPN (virtual private network) to his/her company's intronet server to access company files.

  spuds 13:20 08 Feb 2006

Welcome dark_touch.

You may find something of interest> click here click here

  dark_touch 13:44 08 Feb 2006

thanks for all your quick responses, i am not actully setting up the internet its just i have to write about it,
thanks for the information, i never heard of a VPN thing but im going to include it in my report as it says "home worker" so i guess thats what they want me to talk about

  Graham ® 14:34 08 Feb 2006

A useful guide to VPN click here

  Graham ® 14:38 08 Feb 2006

It may be useful to know that if a secure connection was needed, for example to directly interact with your bank to pay in or withdraw funds to pay wages, a dial-up account would be set up. It would not be done via the internet.

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