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  spikeeee 15:49 12 Jul 2004


Ive built a website with gallarys in it and as you would expect the gallarys take up a lot of space. I have been using my free webspace with my ISP and now i have run out of that, as a tempory soloution i had a thought about using IIS, untill i rent webspace.

I have broadband and very rarly use its full capabilites and have learnt that XP has IIS built in. I have found it, but i am unable to configure it. The current problem i have is that when i try to access it, it asks for a password and username. I want everyone to be able to access it with out having to log in.

Also i am splitting the site so that the home page and all the others are on my webspace but the gallerys are my compter at home. is the following HTML correct to do this?

a href"my ip/index.htm" /a>

Would this work?

The website is done in HTML using Dreamweaver MX 2004, and i have used the web gallery function to create the gallerys if that is any help. Windows is XPsp1.

and is there anything else i need to know/do?



  Gaz 25 18:05 12 Jul 2004

Why not use apache instead?

click here

  AcidBurn7uk 16:08 14 Jul 2004

Gaz25 had the right idea, I use apache for testing and it runs loads quickers than IIS ever did!

Also as forum member sais, it creates some awesome security issues. As I only use apache foe testing, port 80 (HTTP port) is only openened occasionally.

"ome of the most experienced people on this forum have said they wouldn't dream of running their own server because of these issues."

Quite right forum member, infact I seem to remember that myself, Gaz25 and Taran were involved a rather lenghty discussion about stuff like that!

Your best bet is to pay for some hosting, there are plenty of companys to choose from and this thread could easily turn into a discussion about that!

  vinnyo123 14:49 30 Jul 2004

right click web folder and double check NTFS access rules such as,Sharing,security,and advanced, account IUSER should have read and browse rights. Also web folders should be on a seperate drive or partition from the OS.Set up a good firewall and upadte patches and anti-virus.Use strong password for administrator,and try to use a user account for basic work and log back on to admin when neccessary.there is alot of security issues but it would be a learning experiance.

PS Set up all your Security before goign on thw WAN!!!!! Patches ,Firewal,Anti-virus(Code Red is active out there)

Good luck!

  Taran 20:47 30 Jul 2004

Don't do it at all with either IIS or Apache.

You can have a web host set up and activate an account within 24 hours and everything will be configured for you.

No risks.

No headaches.

No DNS resolution issues.

No IP problems.

No potential for backlash from your ISP.

The only thing it costs you is a small amount of cash.

Job done.

IIS and Apache are wonderful tools, both for local testing and for commercial web servers. Neither one is suitable for a first attempt at a DIY host-your-own site and Windows XP is not meant to serve a web site.

Server managers and systems administrators are paid well because they know what they know and can put it into practice. Those skills don't appear overnight and it isn't just a server environment you have to contend with. For most servers you also need to know a lot of other bits and bobs, some of which could include PHP, MySQL, MS Access or MS SQL, ASP, .NET, Perl, the list goes on.

You will also find that the version of IIS included with Windows 2000 and/or XP Pro is not intended for commercial use and if you try to use it as such you will find it has some woeful lmitations and potential issues.

If you want to go down that road I suggest you buy a license for Windows Server 2003, which is a specialist tool and far more capable (and secure) than the IIS you get with domestic Windows installations. Windows 2000 and XP Pro IIS are intended as test platforms and not for commercial use. It has to be said though, that a Windows Server 2003 license and a suitable mach8ine to run it on will be far more expesive than a very well specified web hosting account with any good host...

By all means learn about about the subject and play with your sites using IIS on a local basis. I'd stay away from trying to run your own web server though. When I say these things I am not trying to keep those who know in their jobs. I just know the very real dangers and headaches you will encounter and, frankly, not one of them is worth your time, risk and effort.

  Taran 20:49 30 Jul 2004

Sorry about the awful typos.

The above was typed in haste and obviously not run through a spell checker...


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