Setting Up A Hotel Network

  C3 19:19 11 Nov 2007

hi there,

I've just been asked out of the blue if I can set up a wireless network in a small hotel.

In principal I know what to do, but I need advice on what sort of equipment I would need. I'm guessing a couple of bog standard home routers aren't going to be enough. I think there are about 20 to 30 rooms in the hotel so I need a system that will be able to manage that many connections without any problem.

The hostel currently has two high-speed internet connections, one through a phone line and the other one through cable.

Also, what sort of encryption would be best. WEP? WPA? I guess I'd have to set up both routers on different channels as well.

The hotel is single storey and has no brick in its construction so the signal isn't going to be blocked too much I think.

  C3 19:28 11 Nov 2007

Oh, should have said, the connections are probably not going to be more than 2mb each.

  C3 21:46 11 Nov 2007

Just spoken to the hotel owner. What he wants is to boost the existing wireless signals so they reach all areas of his hotel with a strong signal.

He currently has D-Link wireless routers connected to each internet connection.

What would be the best way to run wireless boosters for each connection. He doesn't want to run cables if he can avoid it.

Would it be worth just getting something like the ANT24-0700 2.4GHz Omni-Directional 7dBi Indoor Antenna click here or maybe a proper booster like DWL-G800AP High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Range Extender click here ?

  ambra4 21:56 11 Nov 2007

Look at these options

1 - If your router antenna can be removed look at replacing with a hi gain antenna

click here

2 – Install a Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender

click here

3 - Check this posting

click here

I have use both of these products and never had any problems with the Hawking equipment it just sit in the corner and work, you will have to upgrade the firmware in
Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender to get the max range

  ambra4 22:03 11 Nov 2007

Also encryption WPA would be best and set up routers on channels 6 & 9

  ambra4 22:35 11 Nov 2007

Hawking HWUR54G Hi-Gain Wireless-G Range Extender

Download the Users Manual and the Quick Installation Guide and take a read

click here

  C3 03:36 12 Nov 2007

That's what I've been looking for. At least I know that what I'm looking for is the right type of thing!

Encryption is ok as the hotel owner says he doesn't want to run any encryption. I guess I still need to make sure the channels are different though to stop any interference.

D-Link sell the DWL-G710 which is a replacement for that one I linked above, so I'm trying to track down a couple of them. Need to make some phone calls tomorrow!

Thanks all for your help!

  ambra4 04:53 12 Nov 2007


Let me know how it all work out as you would find that the connect rate should be around 48-54Mbps in all the rooms

  C3 17:50 13 Dec 2007

Just an update :

I managed to track down a couple of DWL-G710s.

They were paid for and in the post. Last week, we got a letter in our mail box saying that the mail van that comes to our town on Dec 6th had caught fire and all the mail had been destroyed.

As the range extenders were due to be delivered that day, it was a pretty safe bet that they were on that truck.

So, we've contacted the company for more, they are not charging us and they will try and recoup their losses through the post office.

Hopefully we may even get them before Christmas!

  ambra4 16:39 14 Dec 2007

Sorry to here about the lost hope you get before christmas

All the best for the season

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