Setting up a home network.

  polo 18:48 22 Oct 2008

I'm intending to set up a home network and could do with some advice. There are 2 computers. I have an O2 wireless box and at present one computer wirelessly connected and the other by ethernet. It is my intention to connect both by ethernet and then attach the printer to the box in the hope that both computers can use the one printer. The connections on the box are as follows:- 2 telephone,1 pstn,dsl,4 ethernet and one square USB slot. I hope to connect the printer ( which has only a square USB connection and a parallel port). I've done a trawl of the internet and can't seem to find a USB lead that has a square connection at both ends. Do such things exist and if so where might I get one? Does what I'm trying to do make sense at all, Help would be appreciated.

  baldydave 18:56 22 Oct 2008

do you mean a B-B usb cable like this
click here

  woodchip 19:00 22 Oct 2008

Without going through a lot of does and don't s, I did it this way with One Fired 98se Desktop one Wireless XP Desktop and a wireless XP Laptop.

Start all computer and any printers you want to use, Go to Control Panel\ Networking Wizard double click and follow it through to creating a Disc, use this disc while they are all switched on to setup other comps by loading disc and double click on the file on the disc. Thats it, other than going into File Explorer and right click on the ones you want to share

  woodchip 19:02 22 Oct 2008

If you are not using a Networking Switch for the Printer you will need to leave the computer on what the Printers are connected to to use it.

  polo 20:35 22 Oct 2008

Thanks baldydave that's exactly what I had in mind, a B to B USB lead. That site looks interesting for other reasons too.
Thanks woodchip it looks very doable the way you describe the process.I thought though from what I read that if I connected the printer directly to the O2 box, with the USB lead located by baldydave, each of the two computers would be able to use the printer regardless of whether the other computer was on?

  woodchip 23:01 22 Oct 2008

If you use a Network Printer Switch you can, but you still need to setup a Network to use it

  polo 16:12 23 Oct 2008

What exactly is a network printer swithch? Oh dear I shall never work out how to set this thing up, all the explanations make it all sound so complex and I bet it isn't really.

  howard64 17:11 23 Oct 2008

you buy a network box for the printer - commercial ones often come with one built in - the ethernet cable goes from the printer switch box to the hub. Once setup very simple. Your cheaper method is to leave the printer connected to 1 of the pcs and when you need to print from another pc the one with the printer must be on.

  polo 17:00 24 Oct 2008

Yes I've set up a network and it works. At present I've got the two computers linked to the O2 box with ethernet and the printer plugged into one of the computers with USB lead. I'm wanting to plug the printer into the O2 box so that either computer can use the printer without the other one being swithched on. If I can get a usb lead with B to B fittings ( that one was not available Baldydave)it should work plugging straight into the box? I can't see why I need a network swithch but I could be wrong?

  polo 11:23 25 Oct 2008

I was wondering if there were any further responses to this?

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