Setting up home network

  shil 19:41 27 May 2008

I am trying to set up a home network for file sharing between a desktop PC (Windows XP) and a laptop (Windows Vista. Although apparently setting up correctly on each neither seems to detect the other. When checking Network only the network place for that machine is shown. Help and advice please?

  brundle 21:34 27 May 2008

Install LLTD on the XP machine. click here

You should still be able to see the Vista machine on the XP box without LLTD - are the machines in the same workgroup? Third-party firewall enabled?

  shil 21:53 27 May 2008

Thanks Brundle.

LLTD was installed with XP SP3. I have Zone Alarm as my firewall, but all the settings on this seem OK. I can confirm that I do not see the laptop on the XP desktop machine. I have set up networks before and have not come across this problem before!

  brundle 22:50 27 May 2008

Does the name of the other machine show up when you run

nbtstat -n

at the command prompt on the XP machine?

  shil 06:30 28 May 2008

Hi Brundle,

Only the name of the XP machine appears.

  shil 07:18 28 May 2008

Hi Brundle,
There has been a development, when accessing "View Workgroup Computers" on the XP Machine it can see the Vista one, but I get the message stating that is not accessible and that permissions may be required. The Vista machine still does not detect the XP one.

Progress eh!

On the XP machine nbtstat -n still shows only the XP machine and on the Vista only that machine.

  shil 18:11 29 May 2008

After some work the desktop is now visible on the laptop Network screen, and the laptop is visible on the desktop Network Places. Unfortunately I am unable to access files from remote machine from either.

  shil 13:08 03 Jun 2008

This problem is still unresolved. The current position is that I can see the laptop on the desktop, but access to the laptop files is denied. I cannot see the desktop on the laptop.

Can anyone come up with a solution please?

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