Setting up files on my web so ppl can dwnload them

  Craigmave 00:20 17 Feb 2004

Hello, please can anyone tell me how to add a file download to my web site so that my friends can download them. I use oneandone as my host and i use MS Frontpage to edit my site. Thanks from Craig.

  Forum Editor 00:42 17 Feb 2004

into your web - best to create a new folder for it. Call the folder what you like ('download'perhaps), and then put a link to the file on your web page. You can use a text hyperlink, or in FrontPage, a hover button. A visitor's browser will initiate the download dialogue automatically when the link is clicked.

Now for some advice. Make sure that you provide a detailed description of the file on the page where you place the download link. Nowadays everyone is very security conscious, and most people will be wary about downloading anything unless they know exactly what it is. Scan your download file with your anti-virus software before you upload it to your web-server, and tell people that the file is virus-free - they'll appreciate your thoughfulness.

  Forum Editor 00:47 17 Feb 2004

is the importance of telling your visitors what the file size is. If you have several files and they are of any appreciable size you might want to keep an eye on the bandwidth limit on your hosting package. It's surprisingly easy to notch up a fair bandwidth consumption when people start downloading.

  Craigmave 00:52 17 Feb 2004

sorry but i am new to web site creation. Can you explain a bit more about the procedure. Do i add the file into frontpage then upload it using ftp ?

  Forum Editor 01:23 17 Feb 2004

In FrontPage, create a new folder in your web. Put the file into it.

Create a link to the file on one of your web pages.

Then use the 'publish' command in FrontPage - just as you do normally. FrontPage will upload the changes to the server in the usual way, and your file will go too. Alternatively, you can use FTP to create the folder on the server, and then send the file into it. You'll still haver to create the link to the file in FrontPage however, and because you used an FTP transfer your server site will be out of sync with the copy on your hard drive - you do save a copy on your hard drive don't you?

Better all round to do the whole thing from FP.

  Craigmave 01:30 17 Feb 2004

ok thanks, i normally do all through ftp. I have just clicked publish web in frontpage and it says enter publish destination. Is this where i type in my web address ?

  Forum Editor 07:01 17 Feb 2004

your FTP address, which is invariably your site address.

Unless you have a reason to do otherwise it's best to publish direct from FrontPage, so your hard drive and server copies stay synchronised. There's nothing worse than having a server problem, only to find that your hard drive copy is way out of date, and you have to recreate all your changes.

  Blues Breaker 21:00 17 Feb 2004

I find it easyier to zip the file nad just link it in the usual way.

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