Setting up Encryption ob Broadband Router

  slimboy fat 17:44 02 Sep 2008

Hi, we have had Wi Fi for over 1 year, never encrypted it! How would i do this as I cannot find original Set Up CD. It is a Belkin CABLE Wireless G Plus Router and the ISP is currently Virgin Media. The Router was not provided by the ISP. Should I contact ISP for help or can I do this myself?

  Jimbolena 18:59 02 Sep 2008

Hi slimboy

I recently did this and it was pretty painless.
I don't think you need the CD.
You need to get to the router home page via your browser and look around for the relevant option.

My router is on click here and I just dug around to find the encryption options. It was in the Interface Setup tab - but it will be different on yours. I added a long key.

Then I went round and plugged the key into all the PCs/Wii/DS/laptops hanging off the wireless router.

If you google "encrypt router" you will find a quadrillion pages on what options to choose.

  Jimbolena 19:01 02 Sep 2008

That link on the above post is http followed by // then

I didn't realise it would actually make it a link. How do you post an IP address?

  brundle 23:49 02 Sep 2008 for Belkin kit, under the Security heading in the list on the left hand side.

  brundle 23:58 02 Sep 2008

login is


no password

  slimboy fat 17:50 03 Sep 2008

Encrypted fine thankyou both. Do I do the same for the other Laptops in the house- if I have encrypted the router will they connect?

  brundle 18:31 03 Sep 2008

They will if you put the passphrase you chose in when you connect to your own wireless network.

  slimboy fat 18:36 03 Sep 2008

Tried to connect with browser putting in the Belkin address but denied access - so cannot get on internet to load the encryption... help.. should I try again and revert back?

  slimboy fat 23:14 03 Sep 2008

This is becoming a nightmare! I have a laptop which will not connect to wireless and doesn't show any available networks, daughter says she hasn't been able to connect for some time -doh! I have tried a system restore to no avail. The error message on the internet page says it maybe the wireless switch not turned on? No external switch as it was wifi enabled when I bought it. Any suggestions as to what I should do to regain wireless connectivity. The laptop is Fujitsu Amilo Pro model M52176 if this helps?

  brundle 23:18 03 Sep 2008

"cannot get on internet to load the encryption."
A PC > router connection is logically entirely separate from a router > ISP connection. The router alone is responsible for the encryption when you connect wirelessly. Does the laptop show any other wireless networks near you? Does it connect to other wireless networks elsewhere?

  slimboy fat 08:04 04 Sep 2008

No network connections appear at all - my own laptop shows at least four local wirelessnetworks so I think it must be something wrong with the wi fi card inside the laptop perhaps?

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