Setting up email filters in Thunderbird.

  bumpkin 20:49 03 May 2017

I have tried googling, plenty of info but I have failed to get it to work properly. Is it something that just does not work or am I not grasping something. Using w10.

  Matt. 21:16 03 May 2017

I have been using Thunderbird for years are you using pop3 or imap mail?

  Forum Editor 22:38 03 May 2017

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  bumpkin 13:13 04 May 2017

I am using imap.

  liam01 13:29 04 May 2017

I have been utilizing Thunderbird for a considerable length of time would you say you are utilizing pop3 or imap mail?

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  bumpkin 17:04 04 May 2017

I am using imap.

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