Setting up a duplicate (2nd) Printer

  Namlod 11:42 04 Jun 2011

Could someone please advise me on how to set up a second printer, to the default one, in Windows 7? In XP I could add a second printer as a 'clone' of my first printer and adjust the actual print to 'draft' quality and use this to save ink. It appeared as a second actual printer which I named 'DRAFT'. Worked fine. In Windows 7 however, when I try to add another printer to my Canon MP620 wireless (or USB) machine, I discover I am unable to create a second/copy of the existing one, - and am therefore unable to create a 'draft' version of the existing default printer. Thanks. Ian

  Migwell 20:23 04 Jun 2011

Am I right in thinking you want two printers? One for best work and the other for draft work. I have two printers on my computer

Printer No1 is a Cannon PI4700 which I use for quality work I.E. photographs and letters.

Printer No2 is a brother laser printer HL-2030 this I use for print-outs of emails and instructions or any draft type work. Printer No1 the Cannon is set to default on my tower and I have a laptop on homegroup and the No2 brother is the default printer. In all cases they were installed as you normaly would install a single printer without any problems.

  woodchip 20:53 04 Jun 2011

Just load it as if it was the only printer you have got, then set the one you want to use most as Default. You can still choose the printer to print from in the program drop down under Printer Properties.

  woodchip 20:55 04 Jun 2011

PS you can even load the same printer that you have but only use one as default but both printers can have different Print Settings as Default, so you do not need to change them each time

  chub_tor 21:10 04 Jun 2011

Take a look at this from a Vista forum, the last thread may just work for you. click Here

  Namlod 11:20 05 Jun 2011

Thanks, folks. Yes - I can set up 2 different separate printers no problem in Win7. I just have not discovered a way of setting up 2 versions of my MP620 - one as default with standard printing, and a second separate, identical version, but set up in draft mode - as I could very easily/simply do in WinXP. I realise I can change the print output each time I want to print something using the default printer, but it was very much easier just to click on the 'draft' printer drop-down option to get this output, in WinXP! Win7 does not appear to have this facility..... Progress??? Ian

  Namlod 11:33 05 Jun 2011

Chub_Tor - what an ace! Your link above, to Dan's post was spot on. I now have 2 MP620 Printers, one as default/normal-print mode, and the second in draft mode. Perfect. Very many thanks. Ian

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