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Setting up a digital TV/HD Freeview

  hiwatt 15:27 13 Aug 2014

Hi folks, this isn't technically a computer question but I would really appreciate some help. A member of the family has bought a digital TV with HD freeview built in.How do you get the HD freeview to work?Do you need some kind of digital convertor box? He currently has a freeview box but obviously there must be a way to get the digital/TV signal without using this as it obviously wouldn't be HD either? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  hiwatt 15:40 13 Aug 2014

The only Ariel connection is the analouge ariel.I've tried it with this but as suspected there is no signal as it isn't a digital signal? All he has is his TV(Digital with built in freeview)his old freeview box which was connected to his old TV via the analouge ariel.

  hiwatt 16:05 13 Aug 2014

@MechKB 2 I got it sorted thank you.I thought it needed some kind of digital conversion box as it wasn't receiving any channels.Once I set it up for first time installation and scanned for channels it found them fine. Thank you.

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