Setting a Custom screen size with IE7

  ACOLYTE 13:50 03 Nov 2006

I have just downloaded IE7,find it good and clean
i like it,just one problem i like my page to be a bit bigger than the 100% it set's itself,i like 120% i have tried the normal routes to enlarge and they work fine until i close and reopen the browser then it resets to 100%.
Is there a way to set it to stay at what i set(120%) permanently.

  anskyber 13:53 03 Nov 2006

Not that I know of, are you using the screen resize tool at the bottom right near the notification area?

  ACOLYTE 13:56 03 Nov 2006

Yes i use that and ctrl-mouse wheel,both work and set at what i need,but i cannot seem to find a way to set it as default 120%,having to reset my size each time is a pain lol.

  anskyber 14:00 03 Nov 2006

My neighbour uses the screen resolution adjustment to, in effect, magnify the image but it does seem to compromise quality (to my eyes at least).

  ACOLYTE 14:03 03 Nov 2006

Yeah,i dont really wont to alter the monitor screen resolution,if thats what you mean lol.
I just thought there might be a way to make a default setting or maybe a reg tweak that can do the job.The 100% is clear just not as big as i would like.

  Woolwell 14:45 03 Nov 2006

It may not be what you want to achieve but you can increase the text size and that remains as you have set it the next time IE7 opens.

Text size is under the page button menu.

  ACOLYTE 14:53 03 Nov 2006

I did look at this Woolwell but i didnt think it resized the page as well,just text,i will have another look and see if i can manuver it a bit more.Thx.

  ACOLYTE 15:06 03 Nov 2006

Ok,well i have reset the text size as recomended by Woolwell its not ideal but its better than i had,thx Woolwell i will tick as resolved.

TY all.

  anskyber 15:12 03 Nov 2006

Have you tried clear type? click here

  Yokel 16:34 03 Nov 2006

Tools - Internet Options - Advanced and untick 'reset zoom . . .' under Accessibility does it for the zoom level control at bottom right.

  anskyber 16:46 03 Nov 2006

Well spotted. ACOLYTE I have tried it and it does work.

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