Setting up connections for a NAS

  ew23 14:27 26 May 2017

My current set up is:

Downstairs (lounge) - Openreach Master socket, connecting to a BT Smart Hub (with 4 giga ethernet connections). From the Smart Hub, an ethernet connection is made to an adjacent electrical socket, and then throughout the house using Devolo Homeplugs. The Smart Hub also provides wifi connectivity throughout the house for i-Phone and a Windows 10 laptop.

Upstairs (home office) – Windows 7 desktop PC connected via a Devolo Homeplug to broadband. Brother laser printer connected via wifi, and various other peripheral bits of hardware (scanner, speakers, webcam etc) connected to the PC via wired USB connections.

I now want to buy a NAS to allow me to access all my documents remotely and to ensure that my laptop and desktop are effectively synchronised. I also want to connect various external HDDs (which I already have) to the NAS to remove the need to buy additional disk space when I already have lots of spare disk space.

The problem as I see it is that (1) I still want to have the router connected to the Openreach master socket (downstairs) to ensure there is no degradation in connectivity speeds; and (2) I do not have space downstairs to locate either the NAS or the additional HDDs next to the Smart Hub.

Can I connect the NAS to the network via a Homeplug, or must it be connected directly to the Smart Hub i.e. the router?

My second question is that I have been using Carbonite to back up my files from my desktop automatically (running in the background without me having to think about it). Am I likely to be able to this from the NAS? I still prefer to have some back-up stored off-site in case of fire etc.

Thanks for reading.

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