Setting up a "business" on the net

  herc182 11:59 16 Nov 2005

How do you check what is already out there on the net before making your own webpage and starting a mini business? is there a website somewhere that lists what is out there already (i.e. so i dont get jailed or infringe patents etc!).


PS Now i have to think of a mini business!

  keewaa 12:06 16 Nov 2005

Are talking web adress or procust names ... for web addresses you won't be able to register them if they are taken. Nominet click here look after Domain name registration in the uk. For other business advice you should contact your local council who should point you toward the business startup organisations.

  DieSse 14:18 16 Nov 2005

"How do you check what is already out there on the net before making your own webpage and starting a mini business?"

You use the search engines and look. There is no list of what's already out there - the web is not centrally organised or controlled.

  PaulB2005 14:45 16 Nov 2005

"infringe patents" Check with the Patents Office i believe but that's only for "Inventions" rather than businesses.

Look at the net there are thousands of people all running the same businesses.

"so i dont get jailed" - what for??

  herc182 15:38 16 Nov 2005

what i am worried about is coming up with an idea that is already out there. not setting up a full time business just something that may make me a little on the side. as AN EXAMPLE for arguments sake lets say i were to start up a service for walking dogs! or putting together self assembly kits. something in that order. i just want to find out if someone has already done this and then comes to sue me for copying their idea!

what has got me interested was that 19year old who set up that web page with 1000000 pixels and sold the pixels off to advertisers! so simple yet worked a treat. i mean is there anything stopping me doing the same?! or would he have grounds to sue me or something?

being naive since i dont know much about it!

  PaulB2005 15:56 16 Nov 2005

Walking dogs and Self Assembly Kits are the same as any other business. There are thousands of people doing it.

You can't sue someone for providing a completing service. If you used similar logos and slogans then yes, but not for competing.

As for the million pixel idea I've seen 3 others and no signs of suing.

I think you need to decide what you want to do before you work out if you'll get sued!

  cpcspain 16:16 16 Nov 2005

Basically the web is an open marketplace, where virtually anything can be sold by anybody at any price - literally. Learn to use the search engines to find out how many other appear to sell similars things if you want to get a feel for the numbers. But everything is available, so someone else will be selling your products - and so what !!! Decide on exacly what you want to sell, and see what others are selling it for, so you can decide whether its going to be worth it.

Good luck

  herc182 16:47 16 Nov 2005

Thanks for your replies.

what are the other 3 websites that you saw? just interested!

also how do you set up a payment method?


  PaulB2005 16:49 16 Nov 2005

Can't mention the one i can remember! This is a family show!

The other two escape me but i think one was a spoof.

  keewaa 17:16 16 Nov 2005

If you trust Paypal you could set up a Paypal account ... it is the simplest to set up, they take a percentage and give you the tools for the web page to accept payment into your account.

I think you could also use this to receive payment over the telephone as you would just bring up your page and key in their details as they give them to you over the phone.

  herc182 21:11 16 Nov 2005

i think pay pal is probably the best option. there is no other way i can think of.

using the phone is probably too high maintanence!

right now to think hard about an idea....i will keep this post open because there is bound to be loads of things that i need to know, and there is just no better resource out there than this website!


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