Setting up of BT internet

  collinsc 08:24 29 Jan 2010


We are due to transfer to BT internet today - hardware in the post...
Its been so long since i set up the internet i cant remember what to do!

I assume there are some configuration changes required?
Do i need to change any hardware?

How do i change over the email address for use in MS outlook?

Also - the tiscali emails are in MS outlook. Will these be lost (as transferring away) or are they stored locally?

Thanks kindly

  Audio~~Chip 08:53 29 Jan 2010

The Tiscali Emails you have already got in Outlook will stay unless you delete them. The actual Email address from Tiscali will terminate and you will no longer get emails from Tiscali or TalkTalk servers.

If you get a new BT Home hub then its a simple case of connecting it to you computer via Ethernet/Lan cable. If you old Tiscali broadband was using a USB modem then you would need to uninstall this and also uninstall any tiscali software listed in Add/remove Programmes.

BT Broadband one connected via Home Hub (Usually Black) just needs plug-in and wait a minute or two for it to wake up.

You do not actuall need to run the software BT provide but you can do if you want BT Yahoo Broswer software which I have found to be a system hog over the years.

For Email you could configure BT Yahoo Email to work in Outlook but I would have to go and find settings for you later.

  collinsc 09:02 29 Jan 2010

Audiochip - thanks very much for that info. It would be greatly appreciated if you could locate the email settings.


  Graham. 09:35 29 Jan 2010

You must be made of money.

You will probably find you can still receive emails sent to your old address. Just add the new BT one to Outlook. The server settings are '' for both incoming and outgoing. Outgoing requires authentication.

  oldbeefer2 09:58 29 Jan 2010

Set up Outlook click here -

  collinsc 16:48 29 Jan 2010

thanks guys.

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