Setting up a BT Hub with Infinity

  iscanut 17:24 01 Dec 2015

I am due to switch over on Thursday and have received the Hub. All the info and instructions refer to setting up wirelessly BUT my desktop is not wireless And I do not have dongle. I assume I just need to connect the hub and pc with an Ethernet cable and take if from there. I do have a laptop and I Pad which are both used wirelessly. Is your. Reasoning correct ?

  iscanut 17:33 01 Dec 2015

Should my reasoning correct

  Gordon Freeman 18:18 01 Dec 2015

I assume I just need to connect the hub and pc with an Ethernet cable and take if from there.

Yes, I'm sure that's what I did when I got Infinity.

  Gordon Freeman 18:25 01 Dec 2015

Oh, & expect fluctuations on speed for a few days while things settle...

  wee eddie 18:28 01 Dec 2015

Agree with Gordon.

For best results you need to connect the Hub to the Master Socket, which may not be by your PC. If that is so, then you would be well advised to buy a HomePlug style set-up

  Forum Editor 18:46 01 Dec 2015

Yes, the hub will set itself up, and connect to the internet without any further input from you.

As Gordon Freeman says, you should expect speed fluctuations for a day or two, but you may hardly notice that.

When you connect your other devices you will simply have to select your hub from the list that is detected, and enter the network password that's on the small plastic card which is slotted into the back of the hub.

  iscanut 19:08 01 Dec 2015

Thank you all, I only asked because the instructions, leaflet etc do not even mention connection via the ethernet cable. They just assume all devices are wireless. I am happy re connecting the wireless devices such as laptop, printer and I Pad.

  mikef. 19:37 01 Dec 2015

As others said, and full instructions are here, click here

  iscanut 20:51 01 Dec 2015

Thank you, fingers crossed.

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