Setting up a Broadband Router

  Bagsey 14:13 29 Oct 2003

For the last week I have been struggling to set up a Vigor 2200USB router.I didnt have much hair to start with but now,grrrrr. I have tried every which way to read and follow the instructions but so far to no avail.I am using the Bt supplied modem Alcatel Speed Touch 330 and it works fine when plugged directly into the PC but refuses to connect when working through the Router.
Has anyone any experience of this Router who could point me at any potential errors that I could be making.
My aim is to be able to use my laptop as well as my desktop computers. I understand that I will (if ever I get the setup right) be able to use both machines at the same time but I really dont mind if I can only use either while the other is offline. Just the way I did when I was on a dialup system.
ie. Want to go on line using laptop come off line on the desktop.
Can anyone tell me if that would be possible without all of this trouble with the Router. I was thinking about a USB change over switch. Is there any reason that that would not work???
If anyone can put me out of my misery I would be very grateful.

  madPentium 15:09 29 Oct 2003

I presume you are not linking the router into another hub? but are using the routers ports as a hub? If you are linking this router to another existing hub, you will have to use a different cable, a crossover lead.

  Bagsey 15:50 29 Oct 2003

No I am just trying to use the ports on the router as the hub. I really have no knowledge of networking so was faithfully trying to follow the book. Which is written in Chinese English.

  SEASHANTY 16:01 29 Oct 2003

Just had a quick look on the Draytek website. Didn't find the Vigor 2200USB Just the 2200E router which it says is an ethernet router only. Not suitable for ADSL. Maybe a new model fopr USB here

  Bagsey 16:13 29 Oct 2003

I hhave seen it on the draytek site but I think it was well in about page 3 if my memory serves me. It is an ADSL Broadband Router/Switch

  BlueMeanie 18:04 29 Oct 2003

I use ntl broadband and don't know if the following applies to BT....

Firstly the routers address has to be recognised by ntl and this could take a few hours. ie install the router last thing at night, and power on in the morning so that the previous IP address belonging to the PC is ignored.

Secondly when powering up the cable modem and router, the cable modem has to lock onto the ISP signal before the router locks on, I always reset the router a few seconds after the cable modems lights have stabilised. Hope this helps.

  Gemma 18:34 29 Oct 2003

Gurus look here click here

We need to know the OS, LAN details, do the PC's have firewalls running? Please describe cabling and how LAN support was set up.

  Bagsey 21:42 29 Oct 2003

Os is XP Home. Computer Computer 1900Xp with 1gig ram on the Desktop machine.

Os windows ME . Pentium 4 with 256 gig Ram on Laptop.

Two network cables from one from each computer to two of the four available router ports. with the modem plugged into one of two Usb ports on the router.

The Network ports was set up by Mesh on the desktop and that really is the limit of my knowledge in this area.
The laptop was set up by Time. Sorry that I cant be more explicit than that.
The Desktop has the XP firewall enabled but I have not yet looked at the laptop for a firewall. I was not worried about this as the router is claimed to have a firwall built in.
I hope that this is of help to you experts out there as I am out of my depth with this.
Thanks for any help.

  plroofing1 21:57 29 Oct 2003

I'm no expert, but when I set up my home network using XP as the clearly tells you that all other computers on the network must be running XP as well.

  Gemma 22:08 29 Oct 2003


Can you, using Explorer, see files on one PC from the other? Note that you have to mark folders as shared first. If you can't, then use the Network wizard in XP to set it up (it will offer to make a set-up disk for the ME machine). When the wizard asks if you want the XP firewall, decline.

I presume you use IE to manage the router. If it offers a restore factory settings, do it.

When power is on the squashed frog, do you get (after about 20 secs) both eyes a steady green? If you do, then you are connected to your ISP. If you don't then you have an ISP not a router problem. I hope the phone / ADSL filter is still being used?

This could take some time...

  Bagsey 23:07 29 Oct 2003

When I power up the frog the greens come on but are not constant. After a short while the USB light flashes slowly. As you say this could indicate an ISP problem. But if I disconect the frog from the router and put it back into the computer Usb port it works without any problem. How?? if the problem is an Isp one. Part of the setup is to upload the modems firmware to the router, I presume that this tells the router the usb settings.The fact that the usb light indicates that there is a fault would seem to tell me that the firmware transfer was not correct. Am I thinking along the right lines here or am I way off the mark. As I said earlier I am grabbing at straws with this one.
Yes the phone ADSL filter is still in use. The only change which I make is to move the modem usb lead from computer to router.
There is a restore point on the back of the router. I did a restore before my last attempt to install it.
I hope that this <You may have a notwork>???was a typo and not a forcast

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