Setting up a broadband network with a router?

  barnettgs 21:11 22 Jun 2004

Hi all,

I have a computer suite at local community centre with 8 win98se computers linked to a 15 ports switcher including one computer currently connected dial-up internet. The broadband is coming to the town in 2 weeks time.

So I had a look at broadband routers plus wireless one. Not sure which router should I look for.

Also there are 4 computers at the office downstairs so they are not networked yet but I'm planning to cabling them to the same 15 ports switcher to computer suite above so all can be shared with broadband network as well as for printer sharing.

Where will that leave me with broadband router? I mean I don't want the rest of pcs having to rely on one pc to be able to connect to broadband internet. Will it means that all pcs should be installed with firewall instead of one pc with broadband/firewall?

Also I'm looking for a new roll of network cables as I think the existing cables are made of poor quality so which quality cable would you recommend?

Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks

  barnettgs 21:20 22 Jun 2004

Sorry, forgot to put in broadband ADSL router/modem.! Thanks

  barnettgs 00:51 23 Jun 2004


  vinnyo123 03:36 23 Jun 2004

I would say wired ASDL router would be fine.So you don't have problems with wireless with the downstairs.As for cables if they are CAT5(e) you should be fine all brands have to pass numerious test for TIA /EIA.You can get a ASDL Router with a 4 port switch and uplink to switch and still have three ports on Router left and one left on switch. You can use the Router for DHCP to hand out IP's.Also Routers have cabilities for Stateful Packet Inspection NAT for firewall issues.Now firewall issues can get complicated you can get an Enterprise Version program to administrate from one PC (expensive) or download free versions on each machine.(Sygate ,Zone Alarm)also free spyware APPS.

PS.Run Netbios windows for work groups and share files ,Printers.

Hope this helps or makes back !!!1

  barnettgs 12:09 23 Jun 2004

ok, u mean ASDL router/modem can be connected to 15 ports switcher?

Hmm, I have just realised that having first computer connected to broadband with firewall installed (instead of router) would make more sense as it will be only one pc needed to install with firewall plus more security. Also because staffs would be clueless with using firewall on all of PCs. Small price to pay is to switch first computer on all the time so other pcs can access to internet but if first computer is not connected, how do I get other pc able to connect? Is it possible?

Thanks for info on cable. Cheers

  recap 13:41 23 Jun 2004

If you are routing the BB connection through the first computer, then that computer needs to be on 24/7 for all of other client machines to access the Internet.

NETBUEI I would recommend not to use, just use the most recognised Protocol which is TCP/IP.

General question: I was always under the impression that a Workgroup contained up to 10 computers after that it became a domain?

  Rigga 14:09 23 Jun 2004

I would recommend an ASDL router modem directly connected to your ASDL line, therefore not needing any particular computer to be on 24/7.

Get a reasonable ASDL router with built in Firewall, and you shouldn't really need firewalls on the client computers at all.

A hardware firewall is much more secure than a software one. I can’t even be pinged from the outside world.

I've been running my hardware firewall, along with ZoneAlarm (software firewall) for some time, and I have some far amassed 0 (Zero) access attempts, according to ZA anyway!

Just my two peneth.

  vinnyo123 16:49 23 Jun 2004

NETBUEI an more advanced version of NetBIOS!

NetBEUI is s simple protocol that counts only on local computers names (no IPs to set), and thus it is not Routable to the Internet. In other words, you Hard Drives' content cannot be “shared” over an Internet connection.

As a result of Not Being Routable, NetBEUI adds a Security measure to your Network.

workgroup is a logical way to group computers on a network. In this configuration, all of the members are considered "peers," and each computer maintains its own security policies and database of resources, such as users, printers, and file shares. A workgroup can be made up of both NT Workstation computers, as well as NT Server computers, configured as "stand-alone" rather than as domain controllers.

domain is another logical way to group computers on a network. In the domain configuration, the security policies and database of resources are centralized. A domain can be made up of both NT Workstation and NT server computers, with at least one NT server configured as a domain controller.

I still say go with the router (firewall-hardware)
and toplogy stated above .I agree with RIGGA.

And the other info. is for the general questions.

as for sharing go with peer to peer, or servers(DNS-WINS-Active directory-file server) many options.

  barnettgs 00:19 29 Jun 2004

Ok, I have been looking for adsl modem/router..I decided to go with it: click here

Because I will be signing up a Tiscali business broadband so Tiscali is recommending a SpeedTouch 530 for adsl/router.
click here

Not sure if it has 1 or 4 ports but will either be fine for connecting to 15 ports switcher? What do you think of this product or is there any cheaper or better ones? Thanks

You have made the right decision regards the combined modem/router solution.

You will find some other good options at click here Each have their descriptions a little better than the one you have referenced above.

The important thing is that the router should have a built in firewall as well as the modem.

The 530 is a single port (+usb) and as such can be connected to your switch.

  barnettgs 23:25 19 Jul 2004

Ok, I have set up broadband network with a router so the set up went well.

So at the moment, 3 computers in downstairs are not connected to switcher upstairs just yet, so it would requires 3 long cables to connect. I had a second thought...

So is it possible to use a 5 ports switcher to connect 3 computers together and uplink to the 15 ports switch upstairs with just one cable?

I have noticed that 15 ports switcher has 2 uplink ports.


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