Setting up a basic wired home network

  The Potter 21:04 07 Oct 2008

All I want to do is give internet access to a second, static PC on the first floor so both it and the ground floor static PC can access the internet at the same time. I've searched google but I'm just getting brain addled by the information I'm reading.

Please can someone point me in the direction of a simple, idiot proof guide?

I ask this on the assumption that I don't have to replace my orindary wires with ethernet wires (the long ones that currently run from my first floor PC and ground floor PC to the phone socket. I guess if I need to do that I have to look at wireless.


  mgmcc 21:07 07 Oct 2008

Does this help? click here

  The Potter 21:14 07 Oct 2008

Yep that makes it clear! Definately need to connect both pcs to the router with ethernet cable. Why others couldn't make it that clear I don't know!

Off to explore wireless options now. Does anyone know if it will be good enough to play online poker on one and internet browsing on the other (current connection on 1 PC is around 4MB)?


  mgmcc 21:38 07 Oct 2008

<<<< Off to explore wireless options now >>>>

I do also have similar instructions for setting up a "wireless" network on that site. :)

  The Potter 21:49 07 Oct 2008

Thanks Mike.

Unless I'm being really stupid.... The first option says I can put a wireless network adaptor card in both and go from there - no router or new modems required! Please can you confirm I've read that right?

  The Potter 21:54 07 Oct 2008

And just searching Ebay, could I use one those USB plug in ones?

  mgmcc 22:09 07 Oct 2008

You can set up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network in which both computers have a Wireless Network Adapter installed and they then communicate directly (no router). Internet Connection Sharing is then enabled in the "Host" PC which has the actual internet connection (modem connection) and the "Client" PC will have internet access provided the Host is running and is online.

<<<< And just searching Ebay, could I use one those USB plug in ones? >>>>

Yes, you can use USB Wireless Network Adapters.

  The Potter 22:20 07 Oct 2008

Mike, I could kiss you! (please note I am female!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can get this set up for £15 which is fantastic. The poker is being played on the host machine so I trust it shouldn't create any problems. And I can carry on browsing the web upstairs. THANK YOU!


NB: If you need any help trying to sell your site, try 'clear, user friendly and easy to understand'!

  The Potter 22:31 07 Oct 2008

Sorry Mike - one last thing.

Please can you check this usb for me? It doesn't clearly state it is a network adaptor but it is in the networking section. I'd hate to rush online and buy the wrong thing!

click here


  mgmcc 22:34 07 Oct 2008

Just take things step by step. Ad Hoc wireless networks can be a little tricky to set up initially, but they do work. Just ask if you need additional help.

  mgmcc 22:36 07 Oct 2008

Yes, that's a USB Wireless Network Adapter.

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