setting up 6 computers on a network

  harps1h 15:51 06 Dec 2006

i have been asked to find out what it would take to set up a small office with 6 computers including what type and how much cable would be required.

  rodriguez 16:39 06 Dec 2006

Should be something like this:

Router connected to Internet => Hub/Switch => 6 Computers

Use Cat5 Network cable (RJ45) and the rest is common sense - just make sure there's enough to connect each device to each other without it stretching too much. If you went to school or college you'd probably notice the switches actually - big silver boxes with a load of network sockets and cables coming out of it. In our college they were shoved under the benches and desks where the computers were.

  harps1h 16:47 06 Dec 2006

what type of topology?

  Aargh 17:31 06 Dec 2006

Do you need cable?

How about using N1 or G+mimo wireless - capable of supporting high bandwidth and extended range?

Our office uses the G+ mimo kit from Belkin and it works fine for 8 systems.

Some very sexy N1 kit is coming to the market.

Use cable for a totally secure setup though - just the problem of tidy cable routing.

Belkin kit is here:

click here

  rodriguez 17:37 06 Dec 2006

The topology for the network I described would be Star, as all the computers connect to a central hub.

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