Set up an SSD drive that doesn't show on PC window

  tallboy 17:01 15 Sep 2015

I've just purchased a new SanDisk 240GB SSD drive to put in my wife's Dell laptop in place of the hard disk drive. I thought I would format / partition in on my Windows 10 PC first. I connected it via a SATA-USB adapter (that I know works as I used it with a HDD a couple of days ago), but nothing shows up on the 'This PC' window. When I first plugged it in (via the USB cable) there was a temporary icon in the Task Bar (as if Plug & Play was installing a driver) but this went half way through the scan it was performing.

Does this mean that the SanDisk SSD is duff? I already have a Samsung SSD in my PC (for the 'C:' drive) so unless there is something in Windows 10 that dis-allows two SSDs on the same PC, I suspect in might be duff!

I'd like to verify it before taking the HDD out of my wife's PC if at all possible. Ideas as to a solution / fool-proof check would be most welcome. Thanks.

  BRYNIT 18:07 15 Sep 2015

If the SSD drive is not formatted or has not been assigned a drive letter it will not show in This PC/explorer.

Go to control panel/Administrative tools/Computer management/Disk management does the SSD drive show, does it need formatting, does it require a drive letter to be assigned.

  tallboy 23:30 15 Sep 2015

Thanks for your informative posts rdave13 & Brynit. The disk checks out OK. I'll let the Windows install process format it and then partition it once Windows 10 is in place.

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