Set PC back to factory settings

  julius44 18:29 20 Jul 2008

Hi there all, as from my discussion on a previous thread to to some "kaspersky incident" i need to set my dell desktop back to factory settings, i have already backed up all i need to my external drive, and i've pressed Ctrl and f11, and then i come to the screen....and it gives me the 2 options, restore or reboot, the cursor seems to already be on reboot, and when i try and move it up to restore it wont move..i've had to then click reboot about 5 or 6 times, abd the same thing keeps just wont move to restore. Is there anything i'm doing wrong please??

  peter99co 18:56 20 Jul 2008

How are you trying to move the curser?

  Forum Editor 18:58 20 Jul 2008

that the cursor "seems to be already on reboot" do you mean a checkbox?

Have you tried using the keyboard tab key to move from one option to the other?

  julius44 19:02 20 Jul 2008

Hi there, i'm just trying to move the cursor up.....with the arrow button, the arrow button that point up on my cursor

  peter99co 20:00 20 Jul 2008

How is your keyboard connected?

  rossgolf 20:51 20 Jul 2008

if its connected via usb it wont work. you need a ps/2 keyboard

  julius44 21:18 20 Jul 2008

Keyboard, and mouse are coonected wirelessly via usb, is that why there is a problem? i also have the old type the ps/2 version. must i use that way instead?

  sinbads 21:28 20 Jul 2008


  ambra4 21:32 20 Jul 2008

USB keyboards and mouse only work after the system have booted up

To use the keyboard or mouse during a reinstall, access the bios, or go in to safe mode you must

connect a PS2 keyboard and mouse

  julius44 16:43 21 Jul 2008

Hello there all, thanks for all your help, its sorted now, and my pc is back to factory settings, and faster too. thanks loadz

  matt6808 11:10 07 Jan 2009

Hi, I tried to uninstall my McAfee and install Kaspersky i was successful after a few goes. I had trouble with uninstalling the McAfee suite, but now my laptop is going at a snails pace. I'm paranoid that when i had my McAfee off some bittorrents messed up my computer. I seen something about factory restore now i can't find it. I've got a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista, Pentium Dual Core.

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