set up network between XP laptop and Win98SE

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I would like to set up a small network to facilitate file sharing and printing between my PC's.

I am very close in terms of harware - but need some guidance on the settings.

I have a Win98SE machine connected into a hub. The hub actually has an access point and connects to an XP laptop wirelessly. The hub also connects into a broadband modem. Both machines can access the internet fine. I now want to get them to access each others files, and peripherals.

The 98SE desktop has all the peripherals - and all the "instructions" provided by microsfot seem to focus on the XP machine having them all.

Can someone give me some guidance please - the more specific the better !



  [DELETED] 21:42 10 Sep 2003

right click the network neighborhood icon on the desktop and select properties, make sure you have client for microsoft networks installed, if not add it from there (add, client) also you need file and printer sharing installed, on the identification tab set the workgroup name (keep it short) you will need to reboot when you exit, then right click the resousces you want to share and select sharing from the menu, then on the laptop go to control panel, system, computer name and set the workgroup name to the same as the win98 pc, see control panel network connections and right click the network icon to add file and printer sharing and client for microsoft networks if needed, you should then be able to access the network.
both pc's must also be using the same ip range and subnet.

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I am currently trying to achieve something similar to what you are doing but different os
look at thread "Wireless network how do I tranfer files?" there are a few good links that one of the forum readers sent me the are very helpful and i hope i am nearly done

regards Toni

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