Set up a Mail Server

  hellred 21:09 18 May 2003

Can someone help me with this!!!!!!

I have a small Network running at home ( 2 PC ) and i bought a server. I wanted the server mainly to provide me with mail server facility and as a general file server.
I have a domain name registered.

I now want to use this network for a small business and the mail server part will be important to ensure the mail sent to orders reaches a particular person or mail box.ETC.

What does my domain name registar need to do for me to enable this or how does all this work exactly ??????????

Something to the effect that their server has to be pointed to my server, i am lost here !! How and who does what ???

  Forum Editor 21:29 18 May 2003

as to why you would want to set up a POP3 mailserver for just 2 computers.

A true mailserver must run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - otherwise senders will get their mail bounced.

Why don't you just run your server normally, and install Microsoft Outlook on it? Then you can configure Outlook to go to your domain host's POP3 server at regular intervals, collect your mail and - using rules that you set up - distribute it to mailboxes on the 2 computers via the network.

It works very well, and you don't need to run a POP3 mailserver connected 24/7 to the Internet.

  Forum Editor 21:35 18 May 2003

that for this to work you will of course need a mailbox on your domain on the host's POP3 mailserver. Normally such boxes will be set so that mail addressed to [email protected] will go into the box. That means that your website (if you have one) can have links that send mail to all kinds of departments or individuals at your domain and they'll all arrive in the same box.

  Forum Editor 21:37 18 May 2003

so over it goes.

  hellred 06:59 19 May 2003

1. I want to use my domain name in the address and using my ISP lets me change it but it still shows his details ( i have set that up first )
2. I dont want it all to arrive in the same box, i want to seperate out specific addresses and they must go to one inbox.( there are other reasons why, the messages come in as faxes to a service provider first and then are sent to me as e-mail and then i need to forward this as a pick slip to a warehouse )
Yes i can set up outlook with different profiles, but i want this to work just like the big boys.

I have windows 2000 advanced server and exchange etc., so i dont lack anything there, but i wanted to know what needs to be in place before i set up the server from a domain host ( or whoever needs to do someting for me to make this work ), to enable me to achieve that result.

one detail that was mentioned was a MX something or other has to be set up by the domain host ( how is that done ? )also their server must point to mine etc. and i cannot see a logical sequence of processes i should follow to enable a mail server.

What i wanted to know is what task must be performed by whom to get the job done or what needs doing in what order. Do i need a hosting package ? If i do what is it i need ? I need to complete all external tasks before installing the software or does it not matter ?

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