Set up mail account -Wrong Password!!!

  jack 10:10 30 Sep 2010

One of my flock has a new machine and is setting up broadband.
Her ISP is BTInternet.
Which is her current supplier from the existing machine.
Install supplied modem - OK
Connect to Broadband Internet - OK
Can Google stuff- Yup
BT now ask for user name and password [presumably for the Webmail account]
In goes user name in goes password all well known all write large on her notice board.
Password rejected.
Clicked on 'Forgotten Password'
That is rejected[Figures really - as there is no password registered - cant change it.]
But the server account has not changed.
What is the problem?
Is it perhaps because this is a different computer the server detects it is not the original?
What can she do about it- apart from making expensive telephone calls to the nice lady in Delhi?

  Nontek 10:22 30 Sep 2010

Tele calls to nice lady in India are normally free, from BT line.

If using Yahoo as the mail account, try password as ABCD1234

  Woolwell 10:31 30 Sep 2010

The password is probably the same as that in the modem/router. There are several possibilities:
Is the account name absolutely correct?
Password not right.
BT e-mail server down.
Can she log on into webmail?
Cannot see that being a different computer makes any difference.

Guess this is Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail?

  jack 10:46 30 Sep 2010

Not that new- Another not so old machine refurbished and formatted and reinstalled.
WinXP Home and the BT web page[presumably]
All as before really except BT incorporate YAHOO in their set up and I suspect she has discarded the YAHOO bit-
Ahh may be that is the problem.

  robin_x 10:55 30 Sep 2010

I had same with new router from AOL.

It took four phone calls and issue of new logins before it was sorted.

AOL India's favourite diagnosis - "It's your phone line"

Bunch of ********************!!

  jack 11:06 30 Sep 2010

What could you mean?
All the expletives I know have far fewer letters - but then I have led a sheltered life these 77 years past.

  wiz-king 12:38 30 Sep 2010

Perhaps its Hindi!

  mooly 12:57 30 Sep 2010

BT/Yahoo is web based of course and normally it's set up with your primary email address as the user name and admin as the default password I think.

  mooly 13:01 30 Sep 2010

Just looked up my original letter from BT

It's password1 as default

  jack 13:22 30 Sep 2010

Will keep that info by my side , so as not to add to confusion
Recent phone calls indicate she has gone back and set up Yahoo- This has led to a password configuration window- which once completed said
'your restrictions are too severe - go to tools/ Internet connections etc.
That threw her so I directed her to Control Panel Internet connections- still waiting for the next phone call- we shall see

  Woolwell 14:15 30 Sep 2010

"your restrictions are too severe" - cookies?

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