set up limited access account help

  kane_2001 08:51 19 Nov 2005

I am setting up a limited user account for my son. Im on XP. I can set up an account for him but how can I share my music and pictures from my account with him? On his new account he only has sample music etc.

The only way I know is to copy the music etc new onto his account but then that takes up valuable drive space of which we dont have much left.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

  Skyver 09:01 19 Nov 2005

Is your son's account showing Shared Documents on the desktop or in the Start menu? If so just make shortcuts to the required folders and put them in there.

  kane_2001 09:12 19 Nov 2005

no it doesnt show any shared folder etc, I have tried to import the files while logged on to his account but it says access is denied. I cannot send the music onto my other drive to the all users shared doc folder as there isnt enough space on the drive

  Skyver 09:24 19 Nov 2005

You should still be able to make shortcuts to the whole lot, no need to duplicate everything.
Is your HD formatted using NTFS? Which version of XP, Home or Pro? Take a look at Level 3 on this page - click here

  mattyc_92 09:28 19 Nov 2005

Cut and Paste the file(s) you wish to share into either....
a) a new folder in the c: drive directory (e.g. c:\My Files to Share)....
b) the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\"

Then just simply create a shortcut to the folder(s) that contain the file(s) for easy access.

  mattyc_92 10:42 19 Nov 2005

So what resolved it in the end?

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