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  Jean-196853 07:15 01 Mar 2006

I have just donated my PC to a friend who's daughter needs it for school homework etc.

I have managed to set up a dial-up connection for access to the internet but do not know how to set up a dialup e-mail account.

His telephone is through Telewest cable but they have not included a subscription to internet access so I set him up with Free Dial-up (as they only connect to the internet occasionally).

Although they both have Yahoo email addresses how can I set up an Outlook e-mail address (ie [email protected]?) Which do I use - POP3, SMPT (or whatever it is)?

  octal 07:32 01 Mar 2006

Which provider are you connecting them through, and do you want to set up the Yahoo accounts?

Sorry about the questions, but it depends on the provider on how you set email accounts up, they are sometimes slightly different depending on the provider.

  Strawballs 08:19 01 Mar 2006

As octal said we will need to know which ISP you set up the dial up account with.

  Computerdope 10:30 01 Mar 2006

click here

works for yahoo

  Computerdope 10:47 01 Mar 2006
  Jean-196853 15:29 01 Mar 2006

That is the whole point. I do not know who the ISP is. The internet connects using Free Dial-up. click here

The phone line is with Telewest cable.

  Jean-196853 15:31 01 Mar 2006

As explained, they both have e-mail accounts with Yahoo, I simply wanted to set up a separate email in MS Outlook.

  pj123 16:06 01 Mar 2006

This looks very similar to the Dialup system I use as an emergency in case my Broadband goes down. You only get Internet access though, there are no email addresses.

You might find it better to use someone like Tisacali Dialup (which gives you up to 6 email addresses). click here Select the Pay as you Go box and it will configure the computer for you.

  octal 16:15 01 Mar 2006 is an ISP

To receive email via Yahoo the incomming pop3 is is:

The outgoing will be:

  Stuartli 16:19 01 Mar 2006

You will also need to ensure that from OE's Tools>Options>Accounts>highlight each e-mail account's Properties in turn>Connections tab that the Always Collect Mail From... box has the ISP you are using listed/enabled from the drop down menu.

  Jean-196853 18:16 01 Mar 2006

Thank you both, that is what I was looking for.

Will let you know if it works OK.

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