Set-up detection Error SU-0013 WIN 95

  Ex plorer 00:13 11 Dec 2005

Set-up detection error
Hi I have just formatted the hard drive and I cant get past this Error SU-0013
I am trying to load the first Win 95 via the CD Drive.
I have been asked if I have HPFS or Windows NT file system?
Also to create an MS-DOS boot partition, and if I have a Lantastic server or Supper store compression, and to disable it before running set-up. Message:- See set-up text on set-up disk 1 or on the CD-ROM.
I have used Windows 98SE to boot as the 95 Diskette will not.
Any advice Welcome.


  Ex plorer 00:45 11 Dec 2005

As a matter of interest I can load Win 95 with USB support OK. I already have that on a PC.
But my interest is in the early 95.
I bought a load of oldish Dells and I hope to load each PC with software of its time up to present Day.


  Skills 00:48 11 Dec 2005

What file system did you format the drives with?

  Number 7 00:59 11 Dec 2005

As Skills says, the SU-0013 error implies that you're trying to install Win95 to a non-FAT32 partition.

You'll have to boot from a DOS floppy that contains FDISK (to partition the drive) and FORMAT (to format the drive to FAT32).

Use FDISK first, then FORMAT.

click here and select the SU0013 message.

  Ex plorer 02:24 11 Dec 2005

Hi I thought I had created Fat 32?

I started at FDISK
Enabled large disk support.
Deleted partition logical DOS drive.
Deleted primary DOS partition.
Hit enter at what primary partition do you want to delete.
Hit enter at volume label.
Are you sure Yes Enter
Deleted primary DOS.
Escape to continue.
Chose create logical DOS drive Enter.
Create primary DOS partition Enter.
Chose to use Max primary DOS Partition Enter. Restarted PC.
Started with CD ROM support.
Proceeded with Format.
C: went from there to load up

It goes somthing like that.

Will read up on the Click Here.


  Ex plorer 14:46 11 Dec 2005

Hi can anyone verify that the above format will setup a fat 32.

I have loaded win 95 with USB support onto the drive no problem.

I will remove it and put the earlier version on but need advice On how to get a DOS floppy that contains FDISK or wich version of DOS should be used.

Windows98SE was the only disk that would recognise my CD Drive.

  Ex plorer 15:42 11 Dec 2005

back again I have just found a different way or a contradictory way of for mating the hard drive with FDISK.

At the point of When asked Do you wish to use the maximum available size for a primary DOS partition and make the partition active chose NO and give a 30%.

From the instructions I got of the net it says YES.
Or are they both right.

  woodchip 15:54 11 Dec 2005

If Disc Overlay software as been used to setup the Drive in the past before you used Fdisk the it as mest up the drive. Use from click here then you can use Fdisk to setup the drive

  Ex plorer 21:30 15 Dec 2005

Hi Ok tried the kill disk formatted and still the same result.

One thing I have noticed during load-up Win 95 dose not run scan disk. My other versions do.

Tried two other hard drives and still no go in same PC.

Just got my hands on a Dell Dimensions P120t for £1 it looks almost new, taking the lid of every thing shines as if it had just left the factory.

The P120t has two hard drives.
Drive O - 6.5 Gig
Drive 1 - 3.5 Gig this one looks original.
Can I chose which drive to put my choice of windows on and how do I do it. Formatted Fat 32

I tried loading same win 95 on and get the same results. Presumed this was drive 0.


  Skills 21:53 15 Dec 2005

The process you have described above should format the drive witha fat 32 partion you said you can get win 95 with usb. Try formatting the drive with a FAT16 file system it may work.

When you run FDISK and it asks if you wish to enable support for large disks answer no this will only allow you to partions of 512Mb so you'll have to create logical partions for the rest of the space.

It may work

  woodchip 22:39 15 Dec 2005

Download Win98se OEM boot disc from hear, then put a floppy in the drive and Double Click on the Downloaed file to create the boot disc, click here use this disc to fdisk and create partition then Format C: choose use large disc support.

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