'Set Associations' question

  Chris Webster 13:32 31 Jan 2010


My dad is trying to renew his Norton 360 subscription on his laptop.

Windows Vista, I.E 7.

He gets to the renewal window when another window comes up saying,

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel"

I've never seen this window before and I don't quite know what it means or how to resolve this issue.

Regards, Chris.

  DippyGirl 14:00 31 Jan 2010

Is it
Control Panel > Default Programs (program category) > Associate a file type or protocol with a program

  Ex plorer 14:04 31 Jan 2010

Vista OS
How to find the Association control panel.

Click Start, All programs, Default Programs on Right Side, then click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

This is the set association control panel and the extensions are in the box.
Hope this helps.

  Chris Webster 14:22 31 Jan 2010

Thank you for the replies, but what do I need to associate with what?

Regards, Chris.

  Sea Urchin 14:48 31 Jan 2010

When this message comes up he must have just clicked to open a file - have a look at the file extension - for example .pdf or .doc etc.

This link below takes you through the process to associate a program to open the file (as mentioned above).

click here

  Chris Webster 15:11 31 Jan 2010


I've tried it myself, all I do is click on the renew subscription link on his Norton 360, the subscription renewal window comes up, then the yellow animated bar starts going across a few times then the 'this file does not etc etc' window comes up.

There is nowhere in the process that you have to click to open a file.

Regards, Chris.

  Chris Webster 15:27 31 Jan 2010

Just to add,

at the top of the window that comes up there's a red circle with a white 'x' in it and next to that is says,

https//buy.norton.com/rd/directrenewal?NOS and lots of other letters and numbers.

Regards, Chris.

  Sea Urchin 16:34 31 Jan 2010

Clicking on the Renew Subscription link will be opening a file of some sort. I assume from what you say that you are trying to update from within the Norton 360 program?

Has your dad received an email reminder from Norton reminding him of the renewal being due? If so it would normally have a link in the email - if it does try that instead.

  Chris Webster 17:47 31 Jan 2010

Yes he's trying to update from within the Norton progam.

He's not had an email but I have just remembered that if his friends send him any links in an email ( and they are safe to open ) exactly the same window comes up. To open them he has to copy/paste the link into his browser ( I.E 7 )

Regards, Chris.

  VoG II 17:50 31 Jan 2010

Click Start, and then click Run.

In the Run dialog type

regsvr32 urlmon.dll

and then click OK.

Try the Norton update again.

  Chris Webster 18:04 31 Jan 2010


I've phoned my dad but he cannot find the run dialog box on Vista and I don't know where it is as I'm not a vista user.

Is there a space between the 32 and urlmon

Regards, Chris.

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