ARTY DAN 22:02 17 Sep 2005

I've read reviews for onetel and Tiscali, nearly every one I have read is bad , I was thinking of the 2 meg broadband and unlimited calls package from Tisacli, when I read the reviews I was put off. Then looked at onetel they were just as bad, read peoples opinions on plusnet they get really good reviews, no one has had any problems with them. Looking at Toucans website they have won an award for service. I'm thinking of having the phone line from B.T. £10.50, unlimited phone pacakage from Toucan £9.99, 2 meg broadband from plusnet with unlimited downloads £21.99. The unlimited broadband and phone package from Toucan is £34.50 so with the BT line would work out a little more expensive. Does anyone know if it is possible to have services from 3 different companies and if Toucan are any good. Thanks

  inneedofhelp 22:08 17 Sep 2005

Yup, it will be fine

  Stuartli 22:58 17 Sep 2005

2MB unlimited broadband and Anytime phone calls is £21.99 from Tiscali - you'll need to join on the unlimited 2MB broadband service and then upgrade to the combined service on the website.

I've been with WorldOnline and (now) Tiscali since 1998 and have had very, very few problems with the dialup internet service or broadband.

However, I pay BT line rental and use One.Tel's free Standard Talk service for no charge weekend calls and very low cost evening calls; otherwise it's the excellent Skype which comes into use.

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