ServicePack 1 -bloater?

  [DELETED] 11:28 04 Dec 2003

Hi all,
Why are there so many duplicated files in service pack 1? I thought it was all essential updates and fixes, but it seems to have a lot of things like screensavers, fonts etc.They don't seem that vital, and are all exactly the same as the default ones in my windows folder.I have been putting the duplicates into a separate folder, which is going to be deleted if nothing happens in the meantime. Is this ok or am I heading for trouble?
regards sq

  [DELETED] 11:31 04 Dec 2003

They will be there for a reason. Part of the process might be to reinstall those components.

Probably best not to fiddle as the duplicates will not take up any extra room - they overwrite the originals.

  spuds 11:37 04 Dec 2003

Talk of a SP2 shortly, with more additions.

  [DELETED] 12:33 04 Dec 2003

Thanks Jester,
I'm sure you're right about the duplicates being there for a reason , it's which one that would be interesting.For example, why more copies of default screensavers,they are on the service pack disc anyway, so I could'nt I replace them from there if I ever needed.Surely they do take up some space, Service Pack is 161 mb (on disc) in 1100 odd files, are you saying that it's all essential?
Please dont take me wrong, I'm not disputing your expertise, just interested in what you say,I find it difficult to accept that Microsoft knows best at all times..I think that there is a lot of overkill with extra stuff that is installed to cover as many eventualities and users as possible,ie the accessability stuff, narrator,magnifier and so on, that not everyone needs that could be more opt in rather than opt out. A lot of problems seem to arise from people just wanting the minimum functioning necessary of data on their computer for their type of use,in the belief that it will work faster and more efficiently; look at the number of utility programmes devoted to cleaning up, getting rid of excess and so on - a whole industry.
As for "Probably best not to fiddle" you are of course completely right,if we all followed this sage advice, I would say that a good part of this forum and countless others would be redundant overnight. cheers sq

  [DELETED] 12:52 04 Dec 2003

Which Service Pack exactly?

I've just checked the Windows XP SP1 CD and Download and can only find two font file and no screen savers. Also my SP-1 CD only contains 115 files not 1100 files....

What are you looking at?

  [DELETED] 12:53 04 Dec 2003

The download version has 1363 files (probably packed in CAB files on the CD) but i still can't see duplicate fonts and screensavers...

  [DELETED] 13:04 04 Dec 2003

Many of the files will be updated versions of files which already exist - these are not duplicates, but replacements. If they are duplicates, then it's not a problem anyway, as they will either not repalce the existing file, or replace it - the outcome is the same whatever.

SP1a - is what you should have downloaded BTW - this is the latest version, and has more of the updates bundled in.

SP2 is not due for a fair time yet according to FE - and he ought to know, as he's got a ßeta version.

  [DELETED] 23:54 05 Dec 2003

Sorry, I thought there was only one Service Pack 1,after seeing it was a considerable download, I was pleased to see it as a freebie with the Personal Computer World "Instant Expert" (!)magazine,so I installed it, the folder on the disk with it in is 133mb,xpsp1-en-x86 exe is whats in it.
What I'm calling duplicates have exactly the same name, size, creation dates and version numbers, can they be updates?

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