service packs

  teknikz 18:05 30 Dec 2004

i've tried installing service packs 1 and 2 for XP but everytime i do, i get a message saying the product key is invalid.

is there a way around this or anywhere where i can download the service packs that just install straight onto my pc without it?

i built my own pc and had a pc shop install windows for me.

  JIM 18:13 30 Dec 2004

What did they charge you for the install?

  teknikz 18:19 30 Dec 2004

was only a fiver

  JIM 18:25 30 Dec 2004

I see no disk :) Sorry, cannot see a way round it without OS disk and product ID. Otherwise not bad going for a fiver,your had your monies!

  teknikz 18:52 30 Dec 2004

yeah was cheap enuff....i got a copy of the disk and a cd key but its the 1 that every1 has got

  interzone55 18:55 30 Dec 2004

If the shop only charged you a fiver for XP then they've undoubtedly given you a pirated copy, as Microsoft charge even the biggest companies at least £45 for a license. Microsoft blocked most pirated License keys from installing SP1, but they only blocked the most common 20 keys from installing SP2, it looks like you were unlucky.

Step 1 would be to report the shop to Microsoft, then take advantage of Microsofts very generous offer to give you a genuine license, click here,
After you have obtained a genuine copy you can patch to your hearts content.

  slimbo51 19:04 30 Dec 2004

Regarding your prob with loading service packs on to your op/sys.

This is because Windows has been loaded with a pirate copy probably starting with the regstration code of FCK................ect.

As M/soft new at a very early stage, there were many pirate copies out with this code they built in SP1, detection s/ware to prevent updates being installed with said code. I belive there were 1 or 2 other codes as well.

The only way round this is to change the reg code with a non restricted one or buy a new copy of XP.

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