timothy44 12:26 02 Feb 2003

i am running windows xp and have just downloaded and installed the service pack i. I have two questions, I now seem to have something called SET PROGRAMS_ ACCESS AND DEFAULTS, which gives me a choice of 3 submenus-- MICROSOFT WINDOWS, NON MICROSOFT and CUSTOM. HELP I don't have a clue what to do with this or what to set it at. I use hotmail, messenger if that's any help. Question 2 is now when i sign into aol and try to open anything it keeps saying i'm not on line until i click on "connect".
What's happening? I'm seriously considering "system restor" and taking it back off.HELP!!

  Joe McG 12:40 02 Feb 2003

timothy44, firstly ms windows, non ms, custom.
These settings are so that you can make your own default settings with each of microsofts programs, instead of them defaulting to these automatically.

This is due to one of the court hearings in the USA, and supposedly makes Ms look better.

Not sure about the AOL, though my stepfather has AOL broadband and still has to log on every time he goes online.

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