service pack, can i save to cd?

  [DELETED] 16:06 19 Sep 2003

Im having problems with my pc at the moment and have been getting a blue sreen with unknown hard error or just a black screen after the logo. I wont bore you with all the details at the moment as i am trying to cure it myself.
I had the system up & running last night after downloading updates which takes hours to do only to find that when a device failure was detected i was back to sqaure one!
A repair or an install "over-the-top" seems to be the only way to start it without safe mode.
i dont have the time to keep updating Sp's etc when it encounters problems.

Can i save all the windows updates to a cd so can save hours of fraustration???
many thanks.

My PC specs are:Windows XP 640mb ram, Radeon 9000 pro 64mb, 2100 Athlon processor, Audigy soundblaster 5.1, and I use a TFT Monitor.

  [DELETED] 16:12 19 Sep 2003

hi square eyes you can download the updates manually by going to windows up date click personalise windows up date down the left hadn side then another screen appears click the display the windows catalogue next to it click save settings then on the left hand side you will then see windows update catalogue go through that and you can choose your operating system and download the updates manually from there cheers

  [DELETED] 16:23 19 Sep 2003

If you click here you can actually order the Service Pack on a CD from Microsoft and it's free (thanks Powerless for the link)

  [DELETED] 16:25 19 Sep 2003

Thanks for that Scooby, sure will cut down the time for trial & error

  [DELETED] 16:26 19 Sep 2003

let us know how you get on :P

  [DELETED] 16:32 19 Sep 2003

Yeah i might have to.
It all stemed from moving house and then setting the pc back up again without my gamepad and printer connected to usb.

My gamepad wasn't working properly and somehow ended up with a broken xp. Dont know if thats common when the gamepad was making some communication as buttons were having "an" effect but no light working on the gamepad and no profile launcher available.

Cheers anyway
Thx Expertec, am gonna order cd for future although i will probably be upgrading to Broadband soon.

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