service pack 3

  podlod 10:33 02 May 2010

Hi, I have at the moment windows service pack 2, I was going to download pack 3 but was told some time ago that it is not yet shall we say perfect. Do you think it will be ok now to download or shall I wait a little longer?

  iscanut 10:38 02 May 2010

Whoever told you that is talking rubbish. What does he/she expect Microsoft to do, carry on "improving" it ? Of course it is Ok to install it. Go for it !

  Graphicool1 17:18 02 May 2010

SP3 contains many fixes, to help your PC run better.

  VOT Productions 10:53 03 May 2010

It's ok to install.

If you want to have Windows XP updates then upgrade to SP3 because Microsoft is ending support for SP2

  Ian in Northampton 11:31 03 May 2010

At the risk of starting a religious war... I well understand why you would want to stay current with all MS updates, so going to SP3 makes sense. However...

1. Not everyone who has installed SP3 has found it painless. Like all MS service packs, a small minority find that a service pack breaks things rather than fixes them.

2. If your PC does everything you want it to do, and if nothing ain't broke - and if you're prepared to accept the security risks (which, IMHO, are minimal) - why would you add functionality and/or fix it? The old saying about if it ain't broke applies.

I speak as someone who's still on SP2, may well have been lucky with security etc. and who sees no compelling need to move to SP3. That said, if you can roll the SP3 installation back in the event it does cause problems, I guess there's no reason not to.

  podlod 13:39 03 May 2010

Hi, I want to thank all of you for your advice, but I think I will stick with sp2 as such times I have no choice but to change, again thanks!

  Sea Urchin 13:41 03 May 2010

Support for XP SP2 ends 13th July 2010

  Ian in Northampton 14:08 03 May 2010

Sea Urchin: you're right - but there ain't a PC on earth that's going to self-destruct if it doesn't have SP3 by that date... :-) FWIW, I have a W98 machine lying around somewhere - and the lack of MS support for W98 doesn't seem to stop it doing what I need it to. I guess it all depends on how reliant you are/wish to be on MS support/updates. It's never bothered me, though.

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