Service Pack 3

  swanny2 11:25 23 Sep 2008

Please can some one tell me if i really need too download this as prompted on Updates please, also if i do , do i need too delete sp2 b4 i download,it. Ive heard people have had probs downloading SP3,so im not sur on what too do,wether too leave it while me pcs, runnning ok .
any help appreciated please.
thankyou :O)

  Marko797 11:38 23 Sep 2008

i've recently installed this on 2 XP machines without problems. Update came thru from microsoft, and prompted to install, like u.

No, I didn't have to remove SP2.

Just download from microsoft via auto-updates and let it do its thing.

I know some ppl have reported problems, but maybe this was because they were too eager to d'load it before any issues were cleared out by microsoft.

  provider 2 12:21 23 Sep 2008

You might want to read this from Norton today:

click here

And this from HP :

click here

Neither of which may apply to you, of course, but just in case ...

  john bunyan 12:36 23 Sep 2008

Swanny 2.
Suggest you read the many other threads on SP3 to see if you are likely to have problems. I had a problrm with MCE, and others with HP machinea and some AMD processors. Also some anti virus or firewalls can interfere. Others have had a pain free installation. Do read the threads and come back with details of your system and software if in doubt.

  Marko797 12:47 23 Sep 2008

good advice from john bunyan on this, read the other threads.

Must add though, that I have an AMD processor on one machine, and had no problems. The other machine has Intel Core2, again had no problems.

In neither case did I have the need to shut down AVG, or Comodo Firewall. I actually forgot about it :)

  kidsis 15:31 23 Sep 2008

when I got the download sp3 message I changed to my admin account, came off the internet, paused my anti-virus program (which has the option of starting again when the computer restarts), and then downloaded sp3 - it took about 40 minutes. At the end I was prompted to restart so my AV restarted at that point, and when I was sure the AV was ok I then checked that I could still connect to the internet

  swanny2 19:39 23 Sep 2008

ty for response. eh kidsis why did u have too change admin account,and why did u think u wudnt get on the net after.
ps do i really need too download this as i dont want a load of problems as me pc is running ok at the min .

  bluto1 20:02 24 Sep 2008

The vast majority of people who downloaded and installed SP3 have had no problems. The download is not meant, or designed, to damage your PC. I know you've got an expensive piece of equipment in front of you and, probably like me, you do not understand all of it's functions, but I followed all the download and install instructions on my 9 year old PC and I've had no problems. I do know that if I find that SP3 does cause any problems in the future (unlikely) that My ADD/REMOVE facility is still there. Bite the bullet and install it.

  taffjones 19:41 25 Sep 2008

I too have tried to download this from the MS website about 7 times and failed every time. I have a Dual Core 2 processor but this shouldn't affect the download - should it?

My ISP is BT and is steady as a rock so it's not as if it's the line dropping off or anything.

Any ideas??

  john bunyan 21:16 25 Sep 2008

taffjones. Have you read the other threads? As bluto 1 says most have downloaded with no problems - not me. If in doubt make a system restore point, download SP3 to desktop but dont install - see other threads - then disconnect from Internet, disable anti virus and firewall, then install SP3 from the desktop. Reboot, reconnect anti virus and firewall, reconnect to internet , run MS uodate. Do read the many references in the other threads.If it does not work you can then use system restore to get you back to where you started.

  swanny2 12:14 26 Sep 2008

when im prompted too download it again i will try the above

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