rotormota 15:25 29 Oct 2008

How long does Windows SP3 take to fully install? After 2 hours I had to stop it because despite the message that one can carry on working during installation my task bar had frozen up.

It was apparently still installing all be it incredibly slowly. 2 hours plus & the progress bar was only halfway with dll files still being installed at a rate of about 1 every 30 seconds.

Further evidence that an installation was taking place was that a lengthy 2 step rollback began on reboot.


  crosstrainer 15:27 29 Oct 2008

It can take time, and once started it's not advisable to kill it off. I would pick a time when you are not using the PC and let it complete.

  T I M B O 15:28 29 Oct 2008

For SP 3 direct go here >>> click here

It does not take very long to install at all..... 20/25 mins about the norm i think,,,,,

  Rahere 18:16 29 Oct 2008

Do download the full pack to your PC see link above. I had no problem installing from a full copy of SP3 downloaded to my PC, probably an hour I think.

Just make sure you disconnect from net and uninstall AV there are known problems with some AV products eg Norton. Possibly try this in Safe mode too.

  lotvic 01:12 30 Oct 2008

You should not be connected to the net and you should stop your Antivirus and stuff from running or it will be checking every file of SP3 for viruses and spyware whilst SP3 is installing.
That'll slow it down

  rotormota 08:00 30 Oct 2008


I downloaded the SP3 update from the above link rather than installing from Automatic Updates. Turned off or exited all programs & initially things looked good. The installation was quicker & progressed further than before. It reached the 'Finishing Installation/Running Processes After Install' stage & has now apparently stopped having been at this point for about an hour now. Additionally I have a continuing series of Application Error message windows popping up & no amount of clicking OK or Cancel gets rid of them.

Any thoughts?


  T I M B O 08:04 30 Oct 2008

Is the clicking a noise from the Hard Drive ??

  jolorna 08:58 30 Oct 2008

i downloaded the full sp3 when it became available then ran it from disc without stopping av firewall internet or anything it installed fine what i did notice whilst it was installing it was getting updates from MS which were also needed & had no problems with it at all

  rotormota 14:46 31 Oct 2008

Well, I've given up trying to install SP3. I can live without it so the 64 million dollar question is how do I disable that extremely annoying Windows Update shield system tray icon from appearing at boot up telling me that the SP3 is ready to install?


  Kalb 16:51 31 Oct 2008

To turn off automatic updatess go to Control Panel & open 'Automatic Updates' and make your choice

  bjh 18:02 31 Oct 2008

No need to turn off automatic updates. Visit the Windows Update page online, and under each download is an option to "ignore this download"...

I'm not certain you can do it with SP3, but I suspect so. Can't check, 'cos SP3 installed on all my machines OK... after a bit of a battle with Realtek 888 integrated sound on one, AMD chip on another, RAID array on another and something else on the office machine!

Not the easiest of Service Packs!!!!

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