Service pack 2

  Bike-it 16:03 29 Oct 2005

i am using windows xp but the copy of windows was already registered to another person, but i can get all the updates from microsoft no problem but when i try and install the service pack 2 disc a message appears telling me that this is not a legal copy of windows, i even tried downloading it from the net but the same message appears, i know someone will know how to get around this so that i will be able to install the sp2 pack. keep all replies simple.

  SANTOS7 16:12 29 Oct 2005

Buy a legal copy of XP, simple...

  LivEviL 16:22 29 Oct 2005

theres prob a patch i think its called WPA_KILLv2

but i am not advising u use this what u do with this information is souly up to u! what i have said has not forced u to use the crack/patch and when u do with it is all your own actions!

(sorry had to go legal)

  SANTOS7 16:31 29 Oct 2005

Any reference or link to cracks or patches that will enable the use of copied software is totally against the rules of this forum and this thread should be removed or ticked as UNRESOLVED....

  ACOLYTE 16:36 29 Oct 2005

As far as he said it is a legal copy but regestered to another person,its only the download thats says there isnt a legal copy installed,i dont think we should assume Bike-it
has done anything wrong,although i agree programs that cercumvent this shouldnt be put on here.

  Bike-it 16:42 29 Oct 2005

Hello folks the copy of windows xp was a bought copy but is registered to my sister so i am not doing anything illegal,

  VoG II 16:45 29 Oct 2005

You could try changing the registered owner click here but I'm nor sure this will solve your problem.

  wee eddie 16:54 29 Oct 2005

Is the copy of XP, given you by your sister, still in use, on another computer?

If it is, then what you are doing is in breach of EULA.

If it is not, then there is a telephone number which will allow you to register it on your PC. M$ is not interested in who owns the Software, just that that copy of Windows is only used on one computer.

  SANTOS7 17:23 29 Oct 2005

Sorry Bike-it, didn't mean to jump to wrong conclusion I'll go back a few steps Is the copy you have on another pc as well as yours,

  Bike-it 17:28 29 Oct 2005

Yes santos7 it is on both,

  wee eddie 20:03 29 Oct 2005

We've all made one error or another at some time, you should really be thinking of buying a copy.

Many will tell you how to reduce the cost

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