Service Pack 1

  Geoff 12:49 27 Jul 2003

I sometimes get the message re. XP Home files being unstable and to insert CD containing Service Pack 1. As far as I know, I don't have Service Pack 1 so cannot do anything about it. How can I get this Service Pack 1, how do I download it and where do I download it to? Onto my XP Home eidion CD via my CD read/writer, or onto a floppy and then how do I use it? All help welcome!

  SEASHANTY 13:15 27 Jul 2003

Just open START > ALL PROGRAMMES on your computer and click on the "Windows Update" . SP1 is a massive download and will probably take over an hour on 56k dialup connection. On BB 600 and above its not too long. The best way to get it is from a computer mag free disk. In PC PRO mag issue 100 FEBRUARY 2003 the free disk contains 100 Essential Utilities, patches and drivers and Windows XP Service Pack 1 is included. It has also been included with some windows XP books. By going to the windows update on your PC the installation will be done for you. One of the advantages of SP1 is that it contains many new drivers. The drivers for USB2 being a typical example.

  BillEmm 13:23 27 Jul 2003

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