The service has not been started?

  john 08:11 16 Nov 2003

I've just clean installed XP Pro on my home PC when I start up I get to the desk top and there are 2 error windows which say "the service has not been started" I've reinstalled windows, there's nothing untoward in device manager.
Any ideas how to find out what system it is referring to and how to sort it?


  powerless 08:32 16 Nov 2003

A) Click Start, Run, Type:


Click OK.

Look at the SYSTEM log for "Service Control Manager".

It may have a yellow or red sign next to it. The logs should tell you what service is not starting.

B) Then click Start, Run, Type:


Click OK.

Now find the two services and right click and choose properties, then select the "Startup Type" to Automatic, this will start the service when the computers starts.

But log out (best to restart) and then see what happens.

Does the window actually tell you what service has not started? If it does skip A and do B.

  powerless 08:35 16 Nov 2003

p.s some services require other services to be running.

If you still get the windows appearing...Plan B will be written.

  john 08:55 16 Nov 2003

There is an error noted in the system log. The source is service control manager and it says "The ASCTRM service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.
Can't see anything with ASCTRM inthe list of services.

  powerless 08:58 16 Nov 2003

Look at B above.

...See if there is ASCTRM listed as a service and disable it.

It seems to be related to Reaplayer 8.

  john 09:03 16 Nov 2003

No there's nothing with remotely like ASCTRM listed.

  powerless 09:05 16 Nov 2003

Do you have Realplayer 8? Try reinstalling it...

  john 09:16 16 Nov 2003

Forgive my ignorance, didn't know I might have had real player, would it have been installed with windows?
There's nothing in add rem programs relating to it but there is a folder for real player 8.0 on the c drive so I guess it must be on the system somewhere!
I'll try to find the program and reinstall it.
Thanks for all your help, I've learned plenty even if I can't fix this niggle.

  powerless 09:29 16 Nov 2003

Realplayer 8 is not installed by Windows as it has nothoing to do with it.

Realplayer is something different, provided and offered by click here It might have already been installed or someone else has already installed it for you.

Microsofts thinking click here

  ©®@$? 09:54 16 Nov 2003

i'm afraid it sounds to me like you havn't done a clean install, as that real player folder is still there, it wouldn't be there if it was a successful clean install.

  john 10:40 16 Nov 2003

Yes I did a clean install onto a new hard drive and then had a lot of problems getting my software installed, kept restarting, traced that problem to faulty (new) Mboard & processor.
Obviously I must have inadvertantly installed RP 8.0 with other software at that time, can't remember doing this, don't even want it. Have located real player uninstaller and uninstalled noticed that realplay is still listed in start up in msconfig, I've unchecked it and still I get the same two error windows on start up. "the service has not been started"
Could it be anything other than real player?

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