Server Setup for Legal Firm

  hari3846 11:18 22 Oct 2018

This is a Legal Firm, with currently 40 networked users -> 70 users future up scale.

Now everything is on Gsuite, sync between Gmail and Outlook is a nightmare. So we going to have a Local Domain as Mail Server.

I am in midst doing a server proposal.

We need AD and share point = Server A, Server B File Server (Heavy usage due to Documents and archives) (File Share back up to Cloud) Which cloud service should I Use? Web Hosting and one to for Client Database Management. Server C (Can the web hosting and Client database management system be on one Server?)

I am leaning to Floor Standing Server Rack (foresee future need to add storage), Intel Xeon processors,

File Server OS will be Windows Server.

Server Brand, Family Model and Server OS (security has to be top notch no opensource please �?

Any help will be appreciated

  LastChip 16:45 22 Oct 2018

"Server Brand, Family Model and Server OS (security has to be top notch no opensource please �?"

Why do you think many of the top tech companies in the world use Linux?

If you mean you're bringing this in house, you'd better have a world class security expert to monitor it. Security for a legal firm would be a nightmare and any breach could be catastrophic to your companies reputation.

I for one, wouldn't offer any guidance as it needs in depth analysis by an expert in your field.

With respect, the fact you're asking theses questions suggests you don't have that level of expertise.

  wee eddie 17:19 22 Oct 2018

LastChip have voiced what I had decided not to, to save your ego.

  lotvic 12:27 23 Oct 2018

Odds-on this will turn out to be a Spam thread of the Q and A type.

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