Server Error - re service.cnf with Front page 2000

  sheila.weston 12:14 16 Dec 2003

I have a main website and four sub-webs at click here. When I open the /Fargus subweb for editing on the pc I get ane error notice: 'Service error. Cannot open service.cnf for writing.' I then click on OK and can edit the pages as normal. This does not happen when I open any of the other subwebs or the main one. What is happening and how can I avoid this (albeit minor!) annoyance.


  Taran 14:35 16 Dec 2003

Did you publish the site from FrontPage, or by using an alternative FTP method ?

Have you ever copied the site root folder to CD then back again to the hard drive ?

Which version of FrontPage and Windows are you using ?

I'd imagne that was has happened is you have published the web and in the process of publishing, the services.cnf file has been marked read only. It should be read and write to the owner (you) and read only to the rest of the world.

It is possible to get corrupt files in a web, so we can't rule this out, but since the error is telling you what the problem is (read only means it can't be opened or written to) we might be able to do a little bit of tweaking to sort things out.


Get back to me with the above and we'll go on from there.

  sheila.weston 16:41 16 Dec 2003

Re:Did you publish the site from FrontPage, or by using an alternative FTP method ?
I think it will have been published by ftp - dragging and dropping files - when I last published.

Re: Have you ever copied the site root folder to CD then back again to the hard drive ?
I have almost certainly copied the files to a CD, but not back again.

Incidentally, having clicked on OK I *can* then edit the Fargus files.

Is there anything I can do to change it back to read and write? Back to you..............

Many thanks


  Taran 17:24 16 Dec 2003

Normally this happens when a file has been copied to CD, then copied back to the web folder. A CD ROM is obviously read only, and some operating systems don't change the file permissions to writeable when you copy from CD back to web folder - or anywhere else for that matter.

You can do one of several things, but possibly the easiest is to right click on the offending file and select Properties. Remove the tick from Read Only which should cure the issue. This has to be done on the file on your web server, the one currently online.

I suspect that you'll possibly find other files will also be affected and changing them all can become a pain.

You could create a new web folder in FrontPage, import the pages from the offending subweb using the FrontPage Import Web Wizard then when you convert the new web to a subweb, the service.cnf and services.cnf files will be reapplied to the web with the correct permissions.

You should then publish from FrontPage to minimise the chance of errors and select the option to publish all pages, not just the changed ones. This will overwrite whatever is on the web folder you are uploading to, effectively replacing everything in it with a working version.

Once this error has been introduced or encountered, you sometimes need to reinstall or reconfigure the server extentions on the web server itself - obviously this will be a job for your web host.

Any FTP software will allow you to chnage the file permissions though. I like WS-FTP Pro but anything along these lines will allow you to access the files on the web server as they are now and change their permissions. Just make certain to leave them as read only to public visitors - read and write permissions are fine for you as the author, but don't give anyone else the right to alter the file(s).

If you need detailed destructions on how to proceed, get back to this thread and I'll walk you through it.



  sheila.weston 09:41 17 Dec 2003

Many thanks, Taran.

This sounds rather complicated. As everything is working OK with the Fargus files,otherwise,I will come back to this when I have updated the main web properly.

I'll start a new thread on various publishing problems in the meantime.


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