Server Busy ?

  ACOLYTE 12:06 28 Oct 2005

I have a little problem,with my connection i can be connected to the net and all of a sudden the line drops,but im still connected as shown by the icon on the taskbar,but i cannot get any webpages or online programs to work,so i have to reboot.On reboot i have an error connecting to BT Broadband it keeps saying the remote computer didnt respond,then after about 5 minutes a box pops up saying the server is busy and i have to click the "switch to" option to connect after that everything works fine.I have tried to look for what "server" this referes but can find nothing,everything checks out ok on the pc.

  ACOLYTE 13:59 28 Oct 2005

Anyone know what this means and how tostop it?

  p;3 14:06 28 Oct 2005

an idea,suggestion; if you are on BT BB as I am at home; I just click on my two green arrows to establish a BB connection and get the message I am connected to BB and my two green computers in system tray; then I can open any of my desktop icons if I wish; I wonder if you are trying to connect direct to a web page/site? i DONT; i ensure my BB connection is active, then go search for a web page; try that and see if that makes any difference?

  ACOLYTE 14:51 28 Oct 2005

I already am connected when it happens its like it changes from BT to another server and i have to DC to swap back to BT.

  Mavisk 15:30 28 Oct 2005

Right click the telly icon in the task bar, and try clicking repair.

  ACOLYTE 18:06 28 Oct 2005

No dont work tried already

  p;3 19:21 28 Oct 2005

am sure you will already have done so; but have you checked for unwanted guests on you pc,with the usual scans? am wondering if it sound oddly like a dialer or sumunt? ; dont know but...just maybe....although you are on BB

and BB actually doesnt HAVE a "remote computer"either; it is your phone line that is used (stating the known obvious of course!!);odd...very odd..

  ACOLYTE 12:25 29 Oct 2005

I have run scans with the usual programs,and nothing turns up,i do share this connection with another pc through a crossover cable,would this cause such a thing?,but the lan connection is always working when the line drops.

  ACOLYTE 20:36 03 Nov 2005

Seems to have sorted its self out,what ever it was,thx for the help

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