Seriously weird problem after changing ISP

  Tr1boon 19:49 27 Aug 2018

Ok, so I changed my ISP few days ago. I used to have ADSL, but now I have fiber-optic which comes to my apartment via ethernet. If I connect my Windows PC to the ethernet port, it works. If I connect my old modem/router to the port, it works. However, if I attempt to connect my new, better router to the exact same port with exact same ethernet cable, it gets no connection. Same goes with my Mac. The new router works only if I plug it into the incoming ethernet port near my apts fuses, without routing it to my study first.

If someone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it. I'm totally stumped on this one

  wiganken2 08:13 28 Aug 2018

Have you changed to Sky or Virgin ISPs? If that is the case then you can only use their router/modems. Also is your "new, better router" a router/modem or simply a router? A router cannot connect to the internet. A router/modem is required.

  Tr1boon 08:20 28 Aug 2018

Neither of those, I live in Finland and they don't exist here. It has RJ11 port, so I guess it works as both modem and router. ISP told me I could use it by connecting RJ45 between WAN-port and wall socket. Also, I doubt I need a modem since my PC connects just fine when plugged directly to wall socket.

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