Serious security hole in INTERNET EXPLORER

  obbit 17:37 25 Jun 2004

Here we go again. click here

  VoG II 18:30 25 Jun 2004

Yep. click here

  GaT7 18:44 25 Jun 2004

obbit, thanks for the warning but when I run Win update there are no updates offered (Win98se). I wonder why this is? G

  obbit 18:49 25 Jun 2004

hi Crossbow7. micro$oft haven't writen the patch to block the hole.

give it a couple of days or weeks then you will get the patch. keep visiting PC ADVISOR for news.

  canard 20:26 25 Jun 2004


  shizzy 21:03 25 Jun 2004

I read about this on another magazine site last week, about the browser bit anyway and downloaded Mozilla. Did Opera first but not keen on that. Too fussy. Just took it for granted that you would all have heard about it before me. Sorry. Wished I had posted now and risked sounding a daft woman if you had already known.

  jz 22:22 25 Jun 2004

From the BBC website... "Home users are being told to update their browser and avoid the threat by turning off Javascript. However, this could mean that some webpages do not display as expected."

I had a look at the Microsoft website but couldn't see anything about turning off Javascript. How do I do this?

  VoG II 22:29 25 Jun 2004

In IE, Tools/Internet Options, Advanced tab and untick everything listed under Microsoft VM.

Personally I think that this is overkill - if you have updated anti-virus you should be safe.

  Charence 22:30 25 Jun 2004

seems like they still haven't got a fix for it. Maybe I should close IE right now. But doesn't IE open anyway when your computer starts up?


  GaT7 22:44 25 Jun 2004

Charence, IE is Internet Explorer. It usually opens when you manually start it. You could try an alternative Internet browser if you want, but as VoG mentions with upto-date AV you should be safe. G

obbit, thanks for the advice. Will keep checking for an update or let Win update automatically pick it up when it becomes available. G

  Charence 22:58 25 Jun 2004

just updated NAV, hopefully it will keep out unwanted viruses :o)


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