Serious network issues!

  Ed 16:43 07 Mar 2004


I have got an incredibly strange thing happening on my network. I am running Win XP, with a MSI KT6 Delta motherboard. A few days ago, when I used the LAN to copy files from computer to computer, the network stopped, and my computer crashed (this was using the inbuilt NIC). After a lot of faffing about, I reinstalled my computer, and the same thing happened. I then tried a PCI NIC which has improved the situation, but something weird is happening -

The sent packet counter resets to 0 every 10 seconds or so, causing the network to 'pause' for a while.

The NICs both used to work absolutely fine - any ideas - could it be the configuration, or is it more likely to be hardware?

Thanks in advance,

  anon1 17:09 07 Mar 2004

I am curious here, are you using a router or Internet connection sharing? I may be reading it wrong but the way you have it written it looks like you are simply connecting the 2 computers together to exchange files. If that is the case what kind of cable are you using? The other thing I dont understand is that you say you "reinstalled my computer" what does that mean?

  Ed 18:28 07 Mar 2004

Sorry for the confusion.

I am using a router (which also has a switch connected to it).

When I say reinstalled, I mean I formatted my hard disk, and installed Windows XP from scratch.

The problems happen whether I am downloading from the net, or transferring files over the LAN.


  anon1 09:18 08 Mar 2004

Do you have a firewall enabled (software) I know from past experience that this can cause problems despite what others may tell you.

  Ed 00:29 10 Mar 2004

Thanks again, I don't even have Internet Connection Firewall enabled, let alone a separate firewall.

I have just installed Windows Server 2003 Standard edition, and I am having identical problems, so I am thinking that this could be a faulty motherboard. It is under guarantee, but I am worried that ebuyer won't check it vigorously enough as the network does work if you aren't 'hammering' the connection with large files etc. So if anyone has any ideas, please post.


  Chegs ® 00:41 10 Mar 2004

It would appear that the sent packets are crashing at the router,but technowise,I haven't a clue,thats just my interpretation of a google search for "packet counter resets to 0 every 10"click here

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