Serious lack of humour showing again

  jakedawe 00:04 07 Sep 2003

The thread OT doggie pics DID state OT or Off Topic. So the Forum Editor closed it. Nothing new in that.

  woodchip 00:06 07 Sep 2003

You will get used to it

  jimv7 00:09 07 Sep 2003

You've not made it untill china closed 1 of your threads -:))

  tbh72 00:14 07 Sep 2003

Jakedaw - You could possibly get aware with posting the URL on the Web Design forum as an example?!?!? ;)

  jakedawe 00:18 07 Sep 2003

What would be the point? The omnipotent one woul delete it anyway. It was an attempt at a lighthearted aside, obviously beyond comprehension.

  Forum Editor 00:18 07 Sep 2003

with these self-indulgent "woe is me, cruel old FE has had a sense of humour failure again" threads. This is a Helproom, and a silly thread about a site with pictures of someone's dog isn't even slightly funny, so the question of a "Serious lack of humour" doesn't arise.

As for "You will get used to it", that's another example of a totally gratuitous and unnecessary snipe at our editorial policy. If you feel that you're being hard done by because I decided that a totally out of context thread should be locked I'm sorry, but if you don't like it you are perfectly free to act the fool on some other forum.

I don't usually respond in open forum in this way, but I'm no longer going to put up with this kind of Saturday night nonsense from a tiny minority who think this is some kind of a private playground.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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